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Fishing Report Posted: August 19, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 19, 2018 at 09:58:38:

Racking up the miles now! Well it didnít take long for this August to become like any other August that weíve ever had around here. Long daily boat rides out to the fish and then back home again. My goodness were we ever spoiled all of June and July! Just round the break wall many days and start fishing. Now get in, get comfortable and get ready for about a minimum of a 45 minute to 1 hour plus ride out to the fishing grounds. Walleye fishing seems to be the very best about 12 to 15 miles out right now. Depending on wind direction, Iíve been out as far as 18 miles from harbor with a NW wind for example so that I would have enough room to troll in one direction back towards home before we run out of fish. Yes, it is possible to find yourself in water that is not all so productive. I didnít think Iíd be able to say that this year the way things have been going but with the huge schools sliding ever further north thereís not much going on near shore.

As I touched upon in last weeks report, itís a whole lot more difficult getting out to the fish now and fishing in the bigger seas offshore has been challenging too. This past week was no exception. It was rough every friggin day! Even the days that it wasnít supposed to be. A lot of days it wasnít near shore. But by the time we got out to where we needed to be, it was rolling big time. Man does that get old in a hurry when you beat your way out, fish in rough water and then beat your way home only to wake up the next day to find similar conditions and the next day and again the next day... well, you get the idea. But the saving grace has been that once you get out there, the fishing has been absolutely FABULOUS!

And in any direction, anywhere out there. You just have to be far enough north. Aboard THE TROPHY this past week we had several days where I think we had more time involved in traveling to and back from the fishing grounds then we had in actual fishing time before limiting the boat out! The Walleyes out there are super stacked and eagerly hitting anything we offer them. A lot of the other charters have switched over to deep water wire line trolling now but personally I see no reason to switch anything yet. We are still doing well with the #40 Jets and spoons along with the Dipsy Divers which have been smoking hot. My streak of perfect limit days is still intact! The grade of fish has not changed way offshore but the ďeaterĒ sized Walleyes do appear to be getting plumper with each passing day. As I mentioned in last weeks report, these fish are still eating extremely good. I had some Walleyes puking up Smelt this past week and not just the numerous Shad as the week before. I think they are like a little vacuum cleaner down there. Just whatever they can get their mouths on!

OK, last week we had some issues with our pictures for a couple of days that normally accompany my fishing report. They finally did appear for those that might have missed them. As always, all of my reports are archived and itís easy to go back and read or re-visit any report that you might have missed. Normally the pictures usually lag for a few hours anyway before popping up with the text the way we have things set up on my end. Thatís why I tell everyone to just check the reports on Monday when itís a safer bet that they should be up. They weren't this past week till Tuesday and for that I apologize. Without spending much money on redoing the format and the way that we post our reports, I guess weíre going to have to put up with the occasional lag in pictures appearing with the text from time to time. Hopefully this week things go smoother! So this week we enter the second to last week of the month. I am not liking the wind forecasts that I am seeing right now for mid week. Weíll see how it all plays out. Itís been a beating the last couple of weeks. I donít think we can handle much more wind then has already been thrown at us this month. Stay tuned...

Capt. Walt

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