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Fishing Report Posted: August 05, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 05, 2018 at 09:51:01:

And the beat goes on... Just like the Sonny & Cher song, the beating that we’re putting on these fish this summer just goes on and on and on! Yet another week is in the books and THE TROPHY still has a perfect score card of perfect limit catches. It is truly a remarkable run that we’ve had at them now with the string of consecutive successful full limit catches. And things seem to be getting even more interesting as we are seeing more and more Steelhead Trout showing up each day now in our daily catches along with the still occasional monster Walleye. Fun times!

The weather was just average typical Lake Erie this past week. Nothing to write home about and nothing to really complain about. We had a couple of really nice days, a couple of choppy days and a couple days that some would consider quite rough. But we managed to fish through it all and with results that I have already covered here in the previous paragraph. There was a lot of thunderstorms in the area earlier in the week as well but they either skirted around us or passed through much later in the day when most everybody was already limited out. Sometimes the ball does bounce your way.

I do feel that things are on the verge of changing out there however. Although we have yet to switch over to any really deep trolling programs yet, the fish appear on the fish finders to be much deeper now and with each passing day and they appear to be creeping northward as well. They have done that numerous times already this summer only to turn around and move right back in on us again. We’ll see but somehow I get a gut feeling that it’s not going to happen this time and we’re going to be putting on some miles this month. We have all been spoiled for so long now. Also, the crazy insane pace that we were catching the fish most all of this summer has seemed to settle down to “just” a good pick. Imagine that! Complaining that they are coming “just” good instead of crazy out of control and on fire fast! Lol!

So we have not only flipped the page to August, we’re already practically a week deep in now. The downward slide of this season. As I listen to my guests talk on the boat about their kids soon going back to school and seeing commercials on TV for school supplies, it all reminds me of how fast it is all slipping away. And my body is starting to tell me that as well. Although the days on average have been much shorter this summer, it’s the routine that wears you down. I can’t remember the last time now where my alarm clock hasn’t gone off at 3:00am. Get ready each morning for my day, head down to the boat way ahead of when my guests are scheduled to arrive. Carry heavy coolers of ice back and fourth to the boat. Rig everything up. Then fish in all kinds of lake conditions that in itself will wear you down whether you bang your fish out in a short 4 hours or you’re out there the full 8 hours. I’m starting to feel it pretty good now. That worn down feeling. The thoughts of now possibly having to start beating our way well offshore each day is not really impressing me either. But as always, I will continue to do my very best to offer all of my upcoming guests the very best trip that I can. No matter how far we have to run or how tired my old back is feeling. It’s what we do.

Capt. Walt

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