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Fishing Report Posted: July 29, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 29, 2018 at 08:43:01:

GREAT weather and GREAT fishing! After a up and down week the week before in the weather department, this past week may have been the most pleasant weather week we’ve had out there on the lake this entire summer season. Not too hot with just enough of a breeze to give you a little baby chop on the surface each day. The only exception was Friday where some thunderstorms late Thursday night had the lake a bit stirred up for a short while Friday morning before also laying down and becoming just knock out gorgeous. Bright sunny days, many without a cloud in the sky. Just perfect summer weather. And to add to the pleasantness, the Walleye fishing this past week was as it has been all of this summer thus far. Simply fabulous! The string of perfect limit catches aboard THE TROPHY continues on. Without having to dwell over any of my past records, I know for a fact that in 32 years of chartering I’ve never had anywhere near this long a run of perfect limit catches each day. This is truly unbelievable!

To understand how the fishing can be so very good this year one only has to go back and revisit some of my past reports from last season. That’s exactly what I did and this one entry that I had wrote last summer caught my eye and reminded me of the struggles that we went through last year to get to where we are today. Last June I wrote in one particular report: “Working very hard with what we have to work with! It was another very tough week of weeding through hundreds and hundreds of undersize Walleyes to come up with some that we could send home for our fishing guests this past week. It does not seem to matter how close to shore you fish or how far out you are. The young fish are everywhere. And anywhere from the surface clear to the bottom. All parts of the water column.” And this year those same exact fish are all back. And as I wrote last year, they are everywhere. Except this year they have all grown into nice eating size keepers. Almost everything that comes across the back of the boat goes straight into the fish box without even having to measure them. Just hit the counter!

The hand writing was on the wall last season. All we had to do is wait for these fish to grow up just a little more. And that they have. Which leads me to daydream about next year already. I can hardly contain my excitement thinking about how much nicer in size all these Walleyes are going to be next year and all the years to come thereafter! This past week we were fortunate enough to capture a few of the older much larger fish that are still swimming around out there just not in great numbers. One can only imagine all the “eaters” that we are catching this summer one day being all this size! It’s going to be INSANE! But for now we are going to have to be content catching these great eating size Walleyes and be happy that we are not going through the exhausting pace that we went through last summer only to have to throw most everything that we caught back.

So in a couple of days now it will be August already. As I predicted July was nothing short of a blur. By now we should be making long grueling rides out to the off shore fishing grounds. Yet, we turn the corner each day shortly after splitting the harbor gap and immediately proceed to fish with the Walleyes seemingly just everywhere and instantly hitting most anything you throw at them. Unbelievably we are all still using the same easy shallow water set ups that we were using nearly 2 months ago now. The same exact lures, the same line counts, the same everything. I don’t know how many times in one report or in one seasons reports I can use the word unbelievable but I am sure that I am not done saying that yet. Because it is all so very UNBELIEVABLE! See you all in August...

Capt. Walt

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