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Fishing Report Posted: July 08, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 08, 2018 at 07:00:29:

A real heat wave! And even hotter fishing through it all! Wow did we have a run of days in the 90ís this past week. And the humidity was plain off the charts. I donít know that much about the heat indexís last week which is a combination of temperature and relative humidity to give a perceived comfort level. Very similar to how wind chill works in the winter. Just in reverse. All I know is that I seen many days in the 100 degree plus category on the local weather channels. Thatís seriously hot and uncomfortable! Yikes! Aboard THE TROPHY we bumped our dock departure time up to a early bird 4am departure most of the 5-6 days the heat wave lasted. Fortunately for me I had folks all week that were as eager as I was to get out there, get our fish and get the heck off the lake before it became too terribly uncomfortable. And that we did!

Relief arrived by weeks end when on Friday a strong cold front arrived in the wee hours of the morning ushering in much more comfortable temperatures and much more humane humidity levels. All at the cost of another lost day for the whole charter fleet in Ashtabula. I went down to the dock to meet my group for a pre arranged 5am departure only to be met by stiff northerly winds sustained at 24 mph out of the north with gusts to 28 mph. Ugh. With the flags across the river standing straight out stiff and snapping like someone was snapping a towel, everyone both captains and charter guests alike all agreed it was not to be that day. Plain sucks especially since the forecast for Friday originally was for not all that bad. But as often that they do, over night the forecast changed for the worst with wave heights projected to be 3 to 6 feet for all day Friday. From one extreme to another around here.

It was interesting to find out how good the fishing was going to be in the dark by leaving at 4am. For the most part thus far this summer we aboard THE TROPHY have been leaving right around our normal departure time of 5am. And by the time we arrive at our fishing spot and get the gear in the water itís already breaking daylight. Itís really weird how different everything seems by leaving just one hour earlier. Not a sole is around anywhere. We load up and head out in the early morning darkness in total solitude. No other boats to deal with. Itís like having your own private lake. Set up where you want. Go where you want. Aboard THE TROPHY over the years Iíve acquired about $10k in spectacular Rigid LED lighting which projects unbelievable light in all the right directions to light up the night when we troll in the dark. Rigid is the worlds premier leader in high end off road and marine lighting. I can honestly see everything as good if not better then in the daylight especially when we are fighting the suns glare after day break. Pretty darn neat! And the Walleyes did not disappoint! Each day even at that ungodly hour of the morning we opened up like a house on fire! Unbelievable! Donít those things ever sleep? Lol! Just unbelievable all the way around this year!

OK, I have some good news for the remainder of my guests that have yet to fish with me this year. River Marine where THE TROPHY is docked has decided to lower the price that they charge for fish cleaning! It was $2.50 a fish and they have now gone to a much more fair $2 bucks a fish. It still amazes me when the occasional group elects to take all their fish home and face that huge mess themselves. Billy, our fish cleaner at River Marine is like a surgeon and gets you every ounce of meat possible! No mess or carcasses to have to dispose of afterwards either. The fillets are perfect and done in record time while most get to enjoy a post charter adult beverage while waiting in the shaded tent area that River Marine now offers! Every now and again even I get convinced to join up in a post trip celebratory cocktail, regardless of time of day! Lol! We are truly living the dream this year at River Marine. Every day I ask someone to pinch me! Feeling very blessed...

Capt. Walt

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