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Fishing Report Posted: July 01, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 01, 2018 at 11:59:42:

July! Boy did June ever fly by. June around here came in chilly with slower then we would like it fishing and exited in a major heat wave with faster then we would like it fishing! Lol! Talk about a month of transition! In a couple of few days it will be the 4th of July holiday and then if you think June flew by fast, stay tuned. The rest of the summer will really be a blur! It always is. Iíve personally always felt that the 4th of July was like the halfway point to our summer fishing here in Ashtabula. After that we start the downward slide towards the end of summer and the end of our summer Walleye fishing. With each day now the sun will come up just a little bit later. All the signs will be present that the summer of 2018 is rapidly passing us by.

The last week of June here was a very good one for us. Walleye fishing once again was as good as it gets aboard THE TROPHY and for everyone else for that matter. There is no question at least right now whether you will limit out or not. Itís just how long will it take! I think most charters are baffled as to how to drag it out to give our folks more time on the water each day. Weíve all really limited the number of rods that we use each day. Problem is there is practically no travel time involved to the fishing grounds right now since the fish are in so close which doesnít help lengthen the day any. Good for us captains but maybe not so much for the overall experience of our guests. No nice long boat rides. Just right down to business soon after we clear the break walls with the hungry Walleyes seemingly waiting for us. I donít know how many times here in the last few weeks that the very first line out in the morning instantly had a Walleye on it!

A few observations from my perspective about this past June. This was the first June ever for me where I didnít need or feel the need to use my favorite Walleye lure, the Jr. Thunder Sticks on wire line. Iíve always been the first charter to switch over to an all wire program albeit with short leads but still all wire. Always by the last week of June for sure for me. Iím getting my regulars now that are coming up on the exact same days that they take each year. And when I start breaking out the Jet Diver rods instead of the wire line rods for the day I hear, ďWhat the Hell are those?Ē Lol! But itís hard to put away something that is working so very well. Iím not sure that we might not be able to squeeze most of this entire season out just using these simple effective gadgets. Short leads on braided line with seldom a tangle is hard to pass up knowing all the complications that come with wire line fishing. Also, unrelated but this is the very first June that Iíve ever seen where we didnít have ANY bad bug days. Very odd but greatly appreciated by all!

So what will this July bring us? I just donít even know what to think anymore. Iíve always believed that the Walleye fishing up here was very repetitious. Where you find them one year and the way that you catch them will work each year about the same time of year. But not this year. The fish should be out about 10 miles already. They're not. They should be down about 40 to 45 ft. in the water column. Their not. There should be plenty of really big fish being caught. There hardly is. There are no junk fish. No bugs. Just millions upon millions of close to shore 3 year old Walleyes very high in the water column that will hit anything that you throw out there. Could this last all summer? I highly doubt it but then who really knows for sure. Everything that is all happening up to now is all unprecedented. Totally uncharted territory. This will certainly go down in the record books as a year to remember. And as Iíve really been saying here as of late. Itís all only all going to continue to get better as these 3 year old fish continue to grow and get bigger with each and every passing year. I am just in total awe!

Capt. Walt

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