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Fishing Report Posted: June 17, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 17, 2018 at 08:35:20:

Excellent fishing! Everybody both the charters and private boaters alike all enjoyed another week of excellent Walleye fishing off of Ashtabula Harbor. This past week the fish bounced back and fourth a bit between the shallower water and the slightly deeper water but still well within what is considered to be near shore or out to five nautical miles. Even if you miss the main vein of fish which seems to parallel the south shore, there are so many active fish out there right now that you can’t help but still do well even if you are in the outside fringe area of the heaviest concentration! I just love it!

It has been interesting to see how the core of the school has been moving in and out a mile or two each day depending on water temperature. I don’t remember a year where we have had so much fluctuation in water temps. Depending on wind direction and the unknown currents below the surface which are always present, we have seen surface temperature swings of as much as 6 degrees or greater in a single day. I blame it on the extreme high water. There's a huge block of cold water out there right now and its taking a long time for the bulk of the water to warm up. The upper few feet of water warms up quickly but as the wind kicks up, especially a stiff east wind it disperses the warmer water making for wild temperature variances. And the core of the fish have been following the warmer water. The Walleyes are also very high in the water column making for fast and furious fishing when you are in the heart of the school!

Weather was a non issue. It was a lovely week out there! And the bug hatches thus far out in the lake have been non existent. Blame that as well or should I say credit it to the colder then normal water as well. I sure appreciate that at least! Sometimes in June when there is no breeze and the lake is slick and calm there can be some nasty bug hatches. That’s the number two question I get from all my upcoming guests when we touch base right before their trip this time of year. “How's the fishing” & “How's the bugs been”! Lol! I’m sure we won’t get thru this whole June without dealing with it but so far so good.

So things are really good out there right now. Other then the possible bugs, June is my favorite month. The weather is finally very summer like where the month of May can go either way. The fish are still in close and much easier to catch when they are in the upper part of the water column as opposed to late summer where we have to make long grueling runs off shore and have to put out a ton of line to get down to the deep fish. Who knows, maybe the fish will stay in closer this whole summer. Somehow I highly doubt it though! OK, I still have a couple of open dates to offer this month. This coming week I have Wednesday June the 20th available and the the following week I have Tuesday June the 26th available. Anybody interested can call or text me as always at 216-387-2656. Hard to believe we are already past the halfway point of this month. It is flying by so quickly!

Capt. Walt

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