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Fishing Report Posted: June 10, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 10, 2018 at 00:42:14:

Like someone flipped a switch! This past week we experienced some of the fastest action I’ve ever seen Walleye fishing on Lake Erie. EVER! In last weeks fishing report I discussed the slower than we would like it fishing all of May here and how I believed it was going to take a good a good hard westerly blow to to move some warmer water from the west end of the lake along with the Walleyes out our way and turn things around. I got my wish! At the cost of two lost trips however. Starting on Monday and lasting well into Wednesday we had small craft warnings up and a very strong west, NW wind. Though we managed to fish Tuesday my group on Monday and Wednesday asked to come back after we stuck our nose out in the open lake and they didn’t think they could take it. I spun the boat right around and came right back in. We never make anyone do anything that they aren't comfortable with. Though we have fished safely many times in similar conditions, it was probably the right call as I was on the fence myself about whether we should go or not. But boy did that three day blow shake things up. In a good way! *Disclaimer: This lead off picture is from last weekend after my fishing report had already posted. These recent fish though plentiful are much smaller on average...

Thursday we got back out there on a dead flat calm lake with high expectations and high hopes. And WOW is all I got to say! We weren't very far out of the harbor when the fish finder lit up like crazy with classic Walleye “hooks” that one can only dream about! The fish were stacked everywhere like cord wood for miles and miles in any direction that we went. And they are definitely all Walleyes! We aboard THE TROPHY along with all the other charters and all the private fisherman simply could not get a line in the water without a hungry Walleye grabbing it! It’s been literally as fast as we can go ever since Wednesday! It just leaves one scratching their heads! How do you go from working so hard to catch a fish to being done too quick each day and not being able to keep a line in the water? Unbelievable! This is what we actually were expecting and waiting for all of last month. We caught fish like this at the same pace all of last May last year. Most however were undersize. Now we’ve returned to that same kind of frenzy but this year all these same fish are turning out to be keepers. Not lunkers mind you but good eaters. And action! The number one thing that everyone expects when going on a charter.

I mentioned that we fished on Tuesday. That trip was a very unique day for me and THE TROPHY as by special request we did a very rare drift fishing trip. Although I ran casting trips up at the Islands in the west end of the lake for almost 30 years before quitting going up there in the early spring, I never really ran a drift trip for Walleyes out of Ashtabula. Although we didn’t completely limit out Tuesday we did quite well! And it was the perfect day to try it as well as we had plenty of “drift”! Lol! We primarily caught fish on bottom bouncers and worm harness’s but the boys also caught a few nice ones on the old Lake Erie stand by, Erie Dearies! But I felt out of my element all day and I hated carrying all the other drift fishing gear besides all the trolling equipment which I wasn’t going to take off just for one day. And in reality, you need lots of wind to cover a lot of ground just like trolling. After all, that’s all you’re really doing. Sideways trolling with lighter equipment. And talk about being tossed around! Everybody was pretty beat up at the end of the day after being sideways drifting in the pitching tossing seas. That’s one of the reasons why I quit going to Port Clinton! I’m just getting too old for that crap! Lol!

So things have changed out there and in a hurry. Maybe a good thing, maybe in some ways not so much. When we were catching a dozen to 15-16 fish a day, the fish were certainly much bigger. And everybody had a nice full day. Now this enormous school of 3 year old fish, 16” to 20” inch Walleyes on average has over run everything and the larger local fish don’t even have a chance before the hungry smaller rug rats gobble everything up. And its all starting to make sense why maybe our Perch out here have disappeared. The only Perch caught here in the last couple of years have all been huge. There has been no recruitment with young small Perch. Why? I think this massive school of millions upon millions of Walleyes ate all the small Perch fry as they were being hatched. Seriously! All these millions upon millions of Walleyes have to eat something each day! I know one thing. I wouldn’t want to be a little minnow or a baby Perch out there right now! YIKES! So that’s it for another week. The week before we turned the page to June and this past week somebody finally flipped the switch. It will be interesting to see how long this stupid easy fishing holds up. Everyday for about the next 10-15 more years would be just fine by me! Ha! OK, just a quick note. Due to a bizarre coincidence of different medical reasons, we have taken several cancellations for this month which are now available. I have June 15th, (a rare Friday!) June 20th & June 26th all open for immediate booking. Oh, and did I mention the fishing is on fire? Call 216-387-2656 mobile/ text 24/7.

Capt. Walt

[ Lake Erie & Tributaries Fishing Report ]