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Fishing Report Posted: May 20, 2018

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on May 20, 2018 at 12:00:02:

About the same. Fishing for us aboard THE TROPHY remains about the same. Somehow we manage about a dozen or so fish on most outings WHEN the weather cooperates. I ended up with two trips on Thursday. I did a 4 hour morning trip and caught a dozen fish even and then ran a 6 hour afternoon charter and pulled 13 more nice fish. So technically, Thursday was my best day so far this year with THE TROPHY getting 25 Walleyes for the day. It just took me 10 hours to do it! Ha! The weekend wasnít all that hot though. We lost Friday altogether to 40 mph plus winds and torrential rains both Friday and Saturday. This did us no favors with tough fishing on Sunday. Things should straighten out here in a day or so. There are plenty of fish out there in my opinion.

As I threatened to do so in last weeks report, this past week I made a serious attempt at making our Jet divers and Spoons program work. And it did! Most of the 25 Walleyes that we caught Thursday came off the boards using #40 Jets and Scorpion Stinger Spoons. Although the marks on the fish finder are showing plenty of marks in all parts of the water column, ironically the deep fish are the ones we are taking. Usually itís the other way around with the deep fish being the tougher ones to catch and the higher ones being the active feeders. But we put a lot of lines both deep and high out each day and see what goes. And so far itís mostly the deeper fish that we are picking away at. I think when the high fish start to fire up, thatís when itís going to get silly easy! Around here it seems like it either takes too long to catch anything or you get them way to quick! Never the perfect pace for a 8 hour charter lol!

The one thing that I am pleasantly happy to see is that so far this year I personally have not caught a single under sized Walleye aboard my boat. After handling literally thousands of sub legal sized fish at exhausting paces most all year long last season, so far itís like my prayers have all been answered. Seems like everything has grown up into very legal nice sized and plump I may add Walleyes! If weíre not throwing any back and we start catching fish at the rates we were handling Walleyes last year, well we should easily be home each day for a early lunch. Iím more than eager to have a easier year. We just worked way too hard the last two years to get a limits of legal sized fish. Some days it was like 10 to 1! Simply a ridiculous ratio but still good to see knowing that sooner or later all these fish would all grow up into keepers. And I think we are finally there!

So while most boats aren't even in the water here in Ashtabula yet and the other charters donít have any trips, we are in full swing now with trips everyday aboard THE TROPHY. We are enjoying the solitude out in the lake and the challenge of catching these early season local fish. They are nice full days for all of my guests unlike the hour or two trips that the western basin captains are seemingly trying to do each day nowadays. All trying to out do their fellow charter buddies each day so they can brag about it on Facebook! I am soooo glad I never got into all of that Facebook crap. I donít need anybody to ďLikeĒ me on ďFacebookĒ. If I want to know if anyone ďLikesĒ me, all I have to do is look at my own calendar and schedule! And for that, as always I canít thank all of my regular guests enough for overwhelming me with all the business that I want each and every year! Youíve stuck with me through the good times and the bad and that tells me that Iím doing something right whether we limit out or not! I think we are all in for something really special together this year! We are off to a GREAT start!

Capt. Walt

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