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Fishing Report Posted: October 01, 2017

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on October 01, 2017 at 16:13:43:

And like a fine novel who's final chapter has been wrote, so has the final chapter of my fishing season concluded now and hence here my final fishing report for this year been wrote. The 2017 season is in the books now. My 31st year of full time chartering. My goodness how the years have flown by. This year has been no exception. It seems just like yesterday we splashed the boat for the season back in April fresh from a long winters rest and eagerly embarked on this years journey. And here we are nearly half a year later and many, many trips later I’m back to being pretty whipped and looking forward to yet another winter of rest and relaxation and recharging my batteries and getting ready for next season, my upcoming 32nd year! Yup. I’m not planning on going anywhere any time soon! lol!

My final “official” last week of chartering was nearly perfect again. Nearly. It was perfect fish catching wise. The weather, not so much. The long stretch of awesome weather that we had the last few weeks came to a screeching end by Thursday morning with a strong cold front dropping into the region and bringing strong gusty winds resulting in me loosing my last few scheduled trips. Stupid weather just couldn’t stay nice for a few more days and have me end 2017 on a really high note. Ugh. Such is life here on the north coast. I guess I just have to be thankful for the long stretch of great days that we did have in September right through Wednesday of this past week. It was amazingly calm for days on in and the Walleye fishing was the very best that I’ve ever seen it this late in the year. All just signs of things to come for many coming years. The massive schools of younger Walleyes that we now have out there in the lake are growing up fast!

I’m not going to dwell long on the fishing. These pictures here speak for itself. I do however want to take this opportunity to thank all of you that made this all possible again this season for me! My crazy loyal clientele. Many who have fished 20, 25, and yes even 30 years plus with me! You are all my GOOD friends. My sponsors who’s business and friendship I value more than these mere words can ever express. I am humbled by your years of faithful patronage and generosity. We have seen a lot of ups and downs together. I think really great things are yet to come and I am thankful to know that most all of you will be back with me again next year. So again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for coming out this past season and I look forward to doing it all over again with you next year with a great crop of fish waiting on us. We have many more of the: “Just another day on THE TROPHY” to experience together!

OK, a few loose ends here. This years Perch fishing was a big dismal disappointment. Perch around Ashtabula Harbor were literally non existent and even the popular Conneaut OH area, an 18 mile one way run for me was iffy at very best. I do not look for things to get any better next year with the Perch. In 2018 I will no longer offer just “Perch” trips in September but will instead re label these trips as Walleye- slash/ Perch trips as deemed by weather conditions and what is biting best. It will be MY DISCRETION ONLY and if deemed a Walleye trip, will be run at at the appropriate rates. It will be a fishing trip with full coolers of “Something” as the goal. More on all this to come this winter in our winter newsletter and updated website. So this is my last “official” week. I’ve decided to chance the weather and leave the boat in a couple of more weeks longer. Maybe I’ll get out once or twice for myself. If the weather and fishing remains good I may even be convinced to run a short notice charter or two if anybody desires but everybody has to keep in mind that it is now super late season for around here and that the Walleye fishing could start turning to crap on any given day. I figure it will probably suck the day I set out to get a few for my own freezer! lol! Anyway, if anybody is interested give me a ring and we’ll discuss it. And I have one final BIG thank you to express. Thanks for all of you that have followed along here in my weekly little reports and ramblings. I am flattered by the amount of new texts and emails I get from complete strangers each year thanking me for my dedication. Even other charters here in Ashtabula now steer their guys to my reports because they don’t want to go to all the trouble of writing something each and every week themselves like I do! Lol! I still enjoy doing these reports even though it can be a real pain at times and if I didn’t, you would soon know it! lol! That’s it. Thanks again everyone and I look forward to continuing on again next season. So till we meet again either on the water or in print next year I wish everyone a healthy and safe off season and winter along with VERY Happy Holidays! Over and OUT one final time for the season “2017” !!!

Capt. Walt
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