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Fishing Report Posted: August 27, 2017

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 27, 2017 at 13:22:57:

Bigger fish and bigger waves! It was a semi sweet week this past week up here on the north coast for most Walleye anglers. It seemed that most everyone's catches ran much larger on average compared to the past week. There were certainly plenty of huge Walleyes caught both aboard “The Trophy” and other fellow charter boats that dock at the little River Marine marina. And everybody got to do it it most days in much rougher conditions then were both predicted or what we would like to see. But the Walleyes didn’t seem to care and at the end of the day everyone returned safely and there were plenty of smiles going around on all the people floating around back at the dock.

We had several days with stiff north winds so again we pointed “The Trophy” northward first thing in the morning and never looked back till we were about 20 miles out in the lake so that we could could ride the wind and the waves straight back as we trolled homeward. And has been the case more times then not this summer whenever we’ve taken it that far out into the lake, the amount of large Walleyes that we manage to capture goes up on most days. There are some really big girls that lurk out there! Too bad it’s just not feasible to get out that far on most days. The wind has to be just right or have no wind at all to pull that one off. Anything blowing stiff out of the south or east or even west and we are going to be fishing somewhere much, much closer to home. Plenty of Walleyes closer to home as well but I really believe there are more larger fish out by the border as we proved again this past week as opposed to the week before where most days we plied the nearer to shore waters and had nice but smaller fish on average.

Regardless of where we’ve fished, near shore or offshore, the Walleyes are now all super deep. As deep as they’ve been all season. No problem catching them. We just let out more line on everything but certainly much harder on all of my guests that have to crank the fish back in. When we were catching just “eaters” it wasn’t that big a deal. But when you start catching the occasional monsters on wire line about 500 foot back (including the distance of line out after you’ve sent it out to the planer board), well it brings almost tears to the eyes of even the biggest of muscle men! Lol! I often compare it to reeling in a cinder block! Ha! I’m just glad I DON’T HAVE TO DO IT! But the reward at the end of the struggle can be amazing! We had plenty of 28” to 30” inch fish this past week. Real cinder blocks!

So we are entering the last week of August and by Friday it will be September already. Next weekend is also Labor Day weekend. The unofficial end of summer. Also meaning I only have a month to go myself in my season. It’s been a blur of a summer. I’m starting to feel it too. Sorting through the thousands (yes, THOUSANDS!) of short Walleyes to get all my guests limits of legal sized fish this summer has been simply exhausting! And on most days I do everything all by myself as opposed to most of the charter fleet in the harbor who’s captains are much younger than I am but still utilize a first mate so they can double team all the tasks that need to be done once we start our trolls and then get inundated with the young fish. But as I have done for over 30 years now, I get my crews heavily involved each day and we do what we have to do and eventually most always “get r done”! I just don’t get in any big hurries anymore. Everything we do, we do slowly and very calculated. I think all my guys enjoy being heavily involved with the process and to have a nice fuller day rather than being done in record time and have some first mate do it all. So far this year, I think I have a near 100% of all my guys indicating to me that they would like to keep their same exact date again next year. I must be doing something right!

Capt. Walt

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