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Fishing Report Posted: October 13, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on October 13, 2013 at 07:15:19:

It’s the end of the road. Although “The Trophy” will be in the water for about two more weeks, I’ve decided to bring my reports to a final close here with this last one here. I want it all to end on this incredible winning note that we’ve been having this whole fall season before things possibly turn sour and I have to report on something lousy. It’s just as well also as I am practically out of any more remaining trips and I wouldn’t have all that much to report about anyway. What a great stretch of weather and truly incredible fishing for both the Perch and Walleyes that we’ve had right up to the very end here. And yes, the Walleye fishing this past week was STILL FABULOUS as well! But I’ve decided to feature these final few pictures in this final report for this year with what we always end our season fishing for normally this time of year and that is the Yellow Perch! You guys have already seen plenty of Walleye pictures for this season anyway, lol !

The only charters that I had going out this past week were a couple of Perch charters. And as we have done so all fall long we absolutely slaughtered them. “The Trophy” right up to this present date has had a perfect track record of perfect limits every trip out when we’ve gone for the Perch. Some days the size was a bit better then others but none the less perfect limits. Nobody left this fall without a really nice mess of fresh Lake Erie Perch fillets. And even I got a chance to work on my very own freezer for a change this past week. On Tuesday I grabbed several fellow charter captain friends and headed out on ‘meat run” aboard “The Trophy” for ME! We started with the Perch first and in no time at all we knocked out 120 very nice Perch. Then we pulled anchor and headed out a few more miles to see if we could get a few Walleyes for me to go along with those tasty Perch. To say it was ridiculously easy would be a understatement! Almost immediately we had Walleye after Walleye coming in. October Ashtabula Walleyes and still on fire! Just plain unbelievable! The real problem that day was trying to get somebody to crank them in after we hooked them. Especially the real long wire line rods! How painful! I can’t believe people pay me for that kind of torture! LOL! In the end when we needed 8 more fish for a perfect boat limit of 24 Walleyes and we hit a spot and had all 8 rods hook up fish all at once! An eight banger! We didn’t even have anything that crazy happen all season long! More incredibly we even landed all 8 fish and just like that, we were done. And one of those Walleyes was even yet another 13 pounder! What a nice haul. Even after splitting the fish up some, the guys gave me the Lions share of fillets so I know I will be eating good this winter just like so many of my charter guests. Mmmm, Mmmm!

So this long journey for me and “The Trophy” is finally about up for this season. Its been a very long road indeed. Incredibly it started back in March back at Port Clinton where we first got splashed for the season. Check out my March 25th, 2013 fishing report! In the snow! And here we are. Seven months later and just shy of 3,000 Walleyes later, it’s just about a wrap. A very good year even with all the lost trips this spring and an unusual amount of lost trips this summer because of big winds and lousy weather. September and October on the other hand were just about picture perfect. That really helped! There were plenty of other highs and lows through out the season. There always is. But nothing major and a whole lot out of the ordinary. And thank God that there were no kinds of incidents or mechanical problems of any sorts to worry about. No big dramas. Just a lot of very happy memories for my many charter guests. A very good road and another great year is now in the books. Season # 27 for me. Wow.

And as I began doing so here a couple of weeks ago, I would like to once more reach out to everyone that has fished with me this past season and offer everyone a huge heart felt thank you! Thank you for your business and all your friendship. Without all of you guys, “The Trophy” would truly be dead in the water! I hope everyone had a great time and that I wasn’t too hard on anyone. Sometimes in the heat of battle when things are happening fast and furiously I may become short or perhaps not be as pleasant as I could be. I apologize if that was ever the case. I am forever working on my people skills but sometimes in my desire to be as successful as we can be each and everyday I forget that this is really just a sport and that most of you take it a whole lot better then I do when things aren’t going exactly right. Thanks for understanding and hanging in there with me. It is truly mind blowing and humbling to me how many of you guys have been with me for so many years now. Some even as long as I’ve been doing this. A extra big thank you to all of you really long timers! Thanks to everyone as well for following along here with my little weekly blogs/ slash fishing reports/ slash rants, etc. LOL! Seems like every time I want to take a week off from writing I go and meet someone else that thanks me for my faithful weekly reports and tells me how much they enjoy following along. Well, the thanks is all mine! OK, although the reports are done for this year, we’ll still be in the water for a couple of more weeks yet. The fishing is far from over with that’s for sure. If the weather holds and somebody wants to jump on for a spur of the moment and last chance trip, give me a call. If not, I hope to see everyone again next year aboard ‘The Trophy” for “JUST ANOTHER DAY ON THE TROPHY” !!!

Capt. Walt... Over and out one last time for the fishing season, 2013!

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