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Fishing Report Posted: October 07, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on October 07, 2013 at 08:42:51:

OCTOBER WALLEYES – OCTOBER LIMITS !! Everyday and everyday super easily! Are you kidding me? Somebody pinch me! Aboard “The Trophy” we enjoyed a solid week of GREAT summerlike weather and the very best super late season Walleye fishing that I’ve ever experienced in 27 years of full time guiding on Lake Erie and an additional 10 years of fishing for myself on the big lake prior to that. This first picture that you are looking at was from this past Friday, October the 4th ! October! And all these other pictures? Yup. All from this first week of October. Just as good as it gets. EVER no matter what month it is !

And all that talk of mine about being all out of Walleye trips now and me “longingly looking to the north” “wondering if their still out there” lol... Well, after reading my past couple weeks fishing reports, that’s all everyone this past week wanted to fish for! Screw the Perch. We’re going for the big ones! And “The Trophy” and the Ashtabula, OH area did not disappoint. After Perching both last Saturday and Sunday, I headed out hesitantly on Monday with four very anxious charter guests onboard. Will they still be out there? With the very first few lines in it was pretty apparent how our day was going to go. 3 lines in, 3 HUGE Walleyes on instantly. And we never looked back from there. Just as fast as we could go for the next 2 1/2 hours. And that’s all it took. At 9:20am we were done with 24 gorgeous Walleyes in the box. We even caught an extra one for me for dinner just trying to clear the last couple of lines. What a fire drill. Twice we had all four men cranking Walleyes in all at once and had others hanging !

And it was the same on Tuesday & Wednesday (which I was fortunate to book after all after soliciting the open date here on my report very hard last week, lol) and Thursday & Friday. Five days of Walleye charters in a row in October when most have long given up on Walleyes out there and are lucky to even have a Perch trip. In fact, many boats including many charters have now even pulled their boats for the season. Just making it that much sweeter out there. One of the most massive schools of Walleyes that I have ever seen regardless of what time of year and next to nobody out there fishing for them but me this past whole week. I was truly blessed having the bookings, the great weather window and the chance to experience this fabulous action right along with my lucky guests. It was unbelievable how fast we limited out each day and the huge load of pure fillets that these groups took home with them. Wow wow wow !!

So this coming week, well who knows what’s going to happen. The weather looks decent. The big fish out there seem very reluctant from moving at all. The guys out there Perching are doing very well. And me, well I am finally running out of trips of any kind myself as well. Maybe it’s best that it ends on this winning note. It would really suck to talk somebody into going Walleye fishing and then have it stink. At this point I can’t imagine going back out there and riding around not catching anything and wishing you could get a bite. Not after all these great trips where I never even had two seconds to myself to finish my morning coffee until the ride back in! BUT, should anyone out there want to push the envelope and see how late in the year we can really keep this dream season going, well I’ve got lots of dates open from here on out for you to choose from. But just like the name of my buddies charter boat, there are “No Guarantee's” lol ! One of these days this school of fish is finally going to pack up it’s bags and boogie. It probably will be very abrupt and almost overnight when it does happen is my best guess. But, hey... We can always go for those “little” ones! Well, for now it’s over and out for another week. There isn’t very many of these reports left for this year. Enjoy.

Capt. Walt

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