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Fishing Report Posted: September 16, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 16, 2013 at 05:38:22:

Walleyes and Perch ! Well ďThe TrophyĒ had the chance to do a little of both this past week. At least for a few days before the weather turned ugly on us again. We managed to get a couple of Walleye trips in and we even managed to get a couple of our first Perch trips of the year in as well. Both went very well for us. Some of the biggest Walleyes of the year came from this past week in this late part of our season. On Monday the Ohio State Division of Wildlife had personnel in the fish house back at the marina taking careful weights and measurements on all the fish coming in for their lake wide assessment study of the health of the lake and the fish populations. They were in awe with our catch and measured I donít know how many 30 inchers on their sophisticated scales and rulers that they had brought with them. The very biggest measuring exactly 32 inches and a solid 12 pounds! They made my groups day when they told them that it was the biggest Walleye for this particular survey that they had EVER measured ! Needless to say, a couple of Mondays Walleyes got a ride straight home to the taxidermists afterwards!

The Perch fishing was excellent as well even though we fished in some rather rough water on a couple of days where others elected not to even go. Thatís about what it has come to around here. You either fish rough water or you just donít fish at all. But the Perch didnít seem to care. On both trips that we anchored up on, doubles and triples were common with everyone onboard. The size was decent as well with one day being a bit better then the other but both still good. When itís smoking rough out there, you donít get too selective. You get your Perch and get the heck off of there. At least we fished. Had I had to Walleye on those two days, I would have been forced to cancel these trips also.

And speaking of the weather. Oh boy, the weather. Iím not going to get too carried away in this report about how lousy itís been but it sure has not been pretty out there on the lake in a long, long time now. And sadly this past week was no exception. We went from a couple of 90 degree plus days with heavy gusting south west winds to yet another strong cold front sweeping down from Canada associated with storms, cold temperatures, high winds and waves and of coarse, more lost trips for me and others. Frustrating and tiring. I asked my wife last week if she had read my report and what she thought of it. She seemed to feel that I was being too negative in my last few posts with all the weather stuff. Well sure I was. Because it is what it is. I donít ever try to sugar coat anything. When it sucks, it sucks and Iím not afraid to say so. And its been sucking for a lot of weeks now. But Iím not going to dwell too much more about it anymore. Like they say, there's nothing you can do about the weather.

So, this coming week I still have a decent schedule coming up. Right off the top of my head I think most of my weekday trips are still scheduled Walleye charters. I donít see nothing in the cards right now in the weather department that is all that horrible. Weíll see. Itís getting dangerously close to that time of year around here where the Walleyes can disappear almost over night. Bad weather around here usually seals the deal and when we get back out there after being off for a few days itís always quite concerning. Are they still out there? Did they move in or out? East or west? So far the last few weeks after loosing strings of days weíve gone back out there and nothing at all has changed. But one of these days weíre going to run out of luck and it will be a changed world when we get back out there after a blow. I just hope its not this week. Just not yet anyway. But we still have our Perch fishing to fall back on should it all go to Hell. And pretty soon it wonít matter anyway as we start to get into the heart of my Perch schedule. Iím ready. Just throw out the anchor and get back to the basics of fishing. Hold the pole, wait for the bite, bite, bite and just jerk. Sounds like fun to me, rough lake or not!

Capt. Walt

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