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Fishing Report Posted: September 08, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 08, 2013 at 15:32:10:

New month, same old crap. Well, when I so eagerly flipped the page on the calendar from August to September I was really hoping that we might be starting the fall season off with some great weather. This past week was far from great however. It was pretty much a big wash out more days then not with 4 out of the 7 days being plain unfishable due to high winds and heavy seas. Man, Iím getting so tired of greeting my people at 5:30am just to send them packing. And a couple of the other 2 out of the 3 days that we fished in were no walk in the park either. Seems like itís just rough all the time anymore. Iím getting tired of fishing in it. Iím getting tired of writing about it. Iím just plain tired of it all.

The only consolation is that the fish are still out there and whenever we can get to them they seem to always be on fire and are very willing to hit our baits no matter what the weather has been. On the days that we fished this past week it may not have been easy to fish in under the conditions that we were dealt with but we still came in with incredibly full boxes of huge Walleyes. Pretty amazing stuff as far as that goes.

The Walleyes seem to be stacked pretty heavily right now out there in the 10 to 15 mile mark from shore. Still a long way to be out in the lake when youíre fishing in 3 to 5 foot waves like we ended up in a couple of the days. Surprisingly the junk fish have not been so horribly fired up whenever we did get out there as I had feared with all the windy days that we had. Certainly not as bad as like a couple of the weeks that we had back there in August. And do I dare say, but it seems like we might get thru this late part of the season of Walleye fishing without having a unbearable Sheephead bite as I have seen so many other Augusts and Septembers in past years of chasing these Walleyes down in the final weeks of our season. I donít think weíve had a single day so far out there where weíve caught more then half a dozen or so of the Sheep. Now White Bass, well thatís been a whole another story...

So this coming week I already see some ďwindyĒ days in the marine forecast. Imagine that. One thing I do know for sure. ďThe TrophyĒ is going to be sitting out there on the end of the hook as we start mixing it up with some scheduled Perch charters this upcoming week. And now that I have finally broke down and put all my Perch fishing gear on the boat, one other thing I know for sure. If the weather is even marginablebly rough, I wonít bat an eye at converting any of my remaining scheduled Walleye trips into a Perch trip whether the people like it or not. Iím done getting beat up and trying to make something out of nothing out there trolling around in the big waves. Iíve just had enough for one year. Of course they can always go home if they donít like it. What's a few more lost trips...

Capt. Walt

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