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Fishing Report Posted: August 26, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 26, 2013 at 13:23:22:

Blue Moons, water spouts, flat water, rough water, good fishing and some so, so fishing. We had it all this past week. If you were bored with the conditions on any given day this last week, you only had to wait for the following day for a completely different set of events that Mother Nature had in store for us. And my assumption last weekend that this whole week would be a “thing of beauty” well, that didn’t exactly play out as I had hoped for either. By Thursday we were back to a smoking rough lake, sea sick guests and me wondering if its ever going to get easy for me again out there more then just a day here and a day there. All the junk fish was horrifically terrible all week once again making my job a real nightmare and it was especially bad with them when the winds kicked up as they did for us on Thursday. This is just way more work and physical punishment then I had signed on for when I took upon this little summer job.

And here we go with the full moon crap again. Once again it did us no favors all of last week with the Walleyes feeding heavily by night and then not all that interested by day light later. Some of the nicest Walleyes we caught aboard “The Trophy” all of last week were caught in full fledged darkness when we first arrived at the fishing grounds just before day break. And all the meteorologists all excitedly talking about how rare it is to have two full moons in the same month and how we won’t experience that again till 2015. Well, it would be OK with me if we like, NEVER SEEN THAT AGAIN! Yikes, how many different things do I have to worry about anymore out there !

Also, after briefly acting like the the fish were on the march back in towards shore some, all of a sudden this past week it seemed like the best action was back out to about the 16-17 mile mark from shore. 4-5 miles further out then just a few days ago. Just a terribly long way to run by boat to catch fish. If you don’t think so, next time you jump on a straight piece of highway while in your car, pick a starting point and then watch all the different scenery wiz by as you roll off 17 miles. Then try to remember way back to where you started and how long it took you to cover that amount of ground. Now picture having to go striate out that same distance in a pitching, rocking boat banging thru all the waves at a third of the speed if you’re even lucky! It’s a long way! Now you know how happy we all are when the fish are not out that terribly far and how I cringe with each passing mile as they slip back out to the north. And you also have to keep in mind that it’s a double whammy. If the fish slip out say even just 4 miles, well round trip, that’s a total of 8 miles more of travel and added expense that gets factored into our day.

But once again, through it all we are still catching plenty of HUGE, HUGE Walleyes! Traveling the long distances, battling all the harsh conditions, sorting through all kinds of incidental garbage fish. But still catching. Even on our “slower” days, it’s simply better then anywhere else on earth on a day to day basis. Day in, day out we throw 10 pounders into the fish box like it’s just no big thing. And last week was no exception. We took an incredible amount of 8 to 10 pound fish! Whenever we do rack them up if my guests so choose to do so at the end of the day, they are almost all cookie cutter identical huge. Everyday. It’s just some days the racks are fuller then others. So if you don’t get caught up in some kind of a lunar spectacle, gale wind or water spout ( of which we seen plenty of early on in the week last week ), there's more then a good chance of filling that brag board back at the marina and hearing me say, “Why, it’s just another day on THE TROPHY!” Bring on another week...

Capt. Walt

*I think it’s about time to start bumping our departure times back just a bit because of the later and later sun rises. Until further notice, we are now departing from the dock everyday at 5:30am sharp. Please if you have a trip scheduled, be here early and be ready to roll at such time ! Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR FISHING LICENSE ahead of time. There are no license sales at the marina. If you are getting just a 1 day license, make sure to get the 1 day “charter license” which only goes into effect if you actually get out and use it. Links on my website for online sales. Any questions, call me.

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