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Fishing Report Posted: July 07, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 07, 2013 at 08:59:18:

July !!! And, not only is is it July already but we have already put the big 4th of July holiday behind us already and as you guys are reading this, we are incredibly entering the second week of the month already ! Is this summer flying by or what ? It is just a total blur for me. Eat, sleep, fish... rinse & repeat.

So fishing this past week for us aboard “The Trophy” has been back to pretty much awesome once again. We made all of the necessary adjustments this past week and have simply followed the fish offshore. We've also changed our program over to the deep water summer techniques that has worked for me for almost three decades now. It’s almost comical to see so many boats just now trying to perfect their Jet Diver and other shallow water techniques. Man, that part of the season around here is over with. And when it’s over, it’s really OVER ! We have now ourselves moved on to the wire line and crank bait program and it is working pretty much to perfection ! And I don’t mean maybe!

We had many memorable and productive days this past week. We caught plenty of fish and many of those in the “trophy” and “fish of a life time” category. Saturday my guys had a big fish contest amongst themselves and I was the designated judge in charge of measuring them. The very first three fish that made it to the boat in the morning that I measured went a whopping 29”, 29 1/4”, & 29 1/2” which ultimately was the big fish of the day. Not a bad way to start the day! Or my boys from Iowa that fished with me two days Thursday & Friday and went on to take home 125 pounds of pure fillets for their two days effort! Just many, many success stories this past week.

What will this new week bring? I am sure many new unforgettable memories. Peoples first Walleye ever, peoples biggest Walleye ever, the most Walleyes they ever caught, their first Steeelhead... On and on. I will hear lots of hooping and hollering and that I am sure of. And through it all, I will calmly say, why its just “another day on The Trophy !” lol ! See you guys next week.

Capt. Walt

*We are entering this part of the season now where it is imperative that we get out very early in the morning. With the very clear water out there, we usually get a strong morning bite before the sun gets up too high and the action drops off significantly. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY ! Until further notice, we are now departing from the dock everyday at 5am sharp. Please if you have a trip scheduled, be here early and be ready to roll at such time ! Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR FISHING LICENSE ahead of time. There are no license sales at the marina. If you are getting just a 1 day license, make sure to get the 1 day “charter license” which only goes into effect if you actually get out and use it. Links on my website for online sales. Any questions, call me.

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