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Fishing Report Posted: June 30, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 30, 2013 at 04:06:58:

Ahh, that “Super”, super moon... After a truly incredible run at the Walleyes since Memorial Day and my return from Port Clinton, we finally had a bit of a reality check aboard “The Trophy” this past week. And it all started with that pesky phenomenon that occurs each month, the full moon that plays such havoc with our daytime Walleye fishing efforts every time it rears its head. Except last weekends “super” moon as it has been called being the very absolute worst possible Walleye show stopper. The full moon being at its rare closest orbit to the earth creating an exceptionally huge, bright night light for the fish that the Walleyes take full advantage of over their prey with their excellent low light level brilliant eyes. Basically they feed heavily all night long and shut down completely by day shortly after daybreak. It’s a fact. And this ‘Super” moon coupled with the extremely bright cloudless sunlight and flat seas that we had made for some very tough fishing for a few days. I guess the streak that I was riding on was destined to have some bumps in the road. A real reality check and reminding us of the fact that we are indeed just fishing and that anything can happen.

Last Sunday was the toughest for us. We caught fish pretty good right after day break but when it ended for us, it was totally over and no matter what we tried or did, it just plain did not matter. You couldn’t buy a bite. And for a few more days it was more of the same with us struggling to get into the teens and no real early quits. By Wednesday, things showed promises of getting back on track with us pulling almost limits. Thursday we had an early quit due to an unbelievable all day rain deluge event. I honestly don’t think that I have ever fished in such a non stop heavy down pour. Man were things flooded when I got back to my camp grounds about a mile up river from where the boat is docked. Still we managed 18 Walleyes thru all of that. Of coarse with all the rain, it was dreary and dark day and those Walleyes were feeding pretty good right on thru. I think if we would have managed to fish the full allotted time, we would have had a real big day for my five guests that day. As it was though, we had a pretty nice tub of fish not to mention some very wet butts!

Saturday, yesterday was the gem of the week. We easily limited out my party of 5 and were back home early for cocktails! So much for that big old bad moon. And as for the rest of the week, well I think things are changing fast out there or so I believe. The fish look deeper on the graph each day and we have even caught a few now on the deep water wire line trolling program although it’s still far from great. Of coarse I was really struggling to get anything going when we were working with the wire line anyway and when the fish are biting good particularly at dawn, the Tru-Trip divers still get the job done as good as anything. I do plan to extensively start working the wire line and crank baits into my daily presentation with this coming week however. It is time. And frankly, the little spoons on the boards are now starting to attract way too many White Bass. We had plenty of White Bass action all day even though the Walleyes were shutting down on us during those post moon lit nights. We must have handled hundreds and hundreds of those creepy little pests this past week. And that’s putting it nicely ! Lol ! On a positive note, we are also starting to see more and more Steelhead Trout showing up in our and everyone else's catches now for those that enjoy this type of added excitement. We had quite a few of them on this past week although not that many actually made it to the net. There is a reason why they call them “silver bullets” and “jumpers” !

So another chapter closes as we get ready put this month of June in the books. Aboard “The Trophy” we almost squeaked out a fairy tail picture perfect June with a almost perfect track record in regards to production. Almost. The Super moon made sure that I got humbled a bit and don’t get too carried away with this “best June ever” stuff that I’ve been screaming about. I still believe it was though. And if it wasn’t, it had to be right up there with some of my best ones ever in the past 27 years of running fishing charters. I remember a lot of tougher ones. Especially the early part of the month in some of those Junes in past years. There is a reason that a lot of the other charters don’t even book trips early on in the month and that the private anglers mostly focus just on Perch fishing. In can be painfully slow at times in early June. This year was not the case. I sincerely hope for everyone's sake that the best fishing is not already behind us but for those that had not fished and are just now starting, well you are starting out with a much tougher bite. What will July bring ? Besides much higher fuel bills and long boat rides, we should recover after this full moon fiasco and start catching once again some serious offshore migrating deep water summer Walleyes. Time will only tell and I will pass it back on to you.

Capt. Walt

*We are entering this part of the season now where it is imperative that we get out very early in the morning. With the very clear water out there, we usually get a strong morning bite before the sun gets up too high and the action drops off significantly. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY ! Until further notice, we are now departing from the dock everyday at 5am sharp. Please if you have a trip scheduled, be here early and be ready to roll at such time ! Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR FISHING LICENSE ahead of time. There are no license sales at the marina. If you are getting just a 1 day license, make sure to get the 1 day “charter license” which only goes into effect if you actually get out and use it. Links on my website for online sales. Any questions, call me.

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