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Fishing Report Posted: June 23, 2013

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 23, 2013 at 18:44:19:

Just another solid, solid week. Fishing remained most excellent for us aboard “The Trophy” again this past week and everybody else for that matter that is now starting to get serious about the Walleye fishing. As always, some are doing better then others but you’ll always have that each and every year and wherever you go. I stand by my statement that I made in my last fishing report though. This is by far the best June that I have ever seen personally around here. Again, I am just speaking for myself and what we have been able to accomplish aboard “The Trophy” thus far this month when I say this. A few others may think differently but I think most will concur. It’s been really, really good out there especially on these better weather days.

I also mentioned last week that judging by the forecast that it looked very summer like for the week to come which is now this past week. Well, the week may have ended up that way but the nice weather was very slow getting here. We had some very tough conditions again which we somehow fished through at the start of the week but by Thursday the lake finally laid down to nothing and it became sunny and warm and just simply a joy to be out there once again. And it’s been nice ever since and also coincides nicely with the actual beginning of summer if you go by the calendar. On the nastier days though, it just is so much harder to go about the business of trolling with all the gear that we have to run. I really don’t care who you are. The weather creates a level playing field and everybody has a harder time. But this is no fault of the fish. They are still there. This past week was a perfect example of that. When the lake was rough we just had a harder time catching what we did catch. And when the weather returned to nice on Thursday, we not only went back to smoking them, it was EVEN faster and better then it was before if that’s even possible ! There's just a LOT OF FISH OUT THERE RIGHT NOW !

And again, not much else has changed either. The Walleyes are still relatively close in and still hanging in the upper half of the water column. We have done very well in water depths from as shallow as 50 foot to water as deep as 70 feet. We’ve just been lining up on my best areas depending on the wind and wave conditions and just coming in on them from different angles. I can honestly say that we have caught Walleyes good wherever I’ve been forced to start. But when the lake allows I’ve been hanging as close to the harbor as possible and enjoying the gas savings and saving the wear and tear on the equipment not to mention not beating anybody up any more then need be. We are still using the Tru-Trip style of Jet Divers off the big planer boards along with the little Singer Scorpion Spoons to catch these Walleyes. If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it. My very favorite spoons, the Savants are starting to work pretty good on the big Dipseys also now. And as long as we keep beating them up like we have been with these unique and simple Tru-Trip divers on the boards, I could care less if we ever used wire line again. But in my heart I know we are already almost on borrowed time with the fish poised to move out and drop deeper into the water column making the switch to wire line necessary. We’ll just have to see how long we can milk out this shallower water program this year. So far, so good...

So that’s it. Another great week for us with everybody leaving with incredibly huge bags of fillets for those that chose to have their fish cleaned. Lots of smiles all the way around. And if the forecast looked favorable last week, it REALLY looks nice for this upcoming week. Right now I don’t see anything less then 80 degrees right on through along with very light winds. Perhaps the beginning of the official start of summer will really trigger and lock us into some good old dog days of summer. Hot, humid and hazy. Along with more great Walleye fishing. Love it! Just the way it should be ! Tight lines until next week,

Capt. Walt

*We are entering this part of the season now where it is imperative that we get out very early in the morning. With the very clear water out there, we usually get a strong morning bite before the sun gets up too high and the action drops off significantly. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY ! Until further notice, we are now departing from the dock everyday at 5am sharp. Please if you have a trip scheduled, be here early and be ready to roll at such time ! Also, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR FISHING LICENSE ahead of time. There are no license sales at the marina. If you are getting just a 1 day license, make sure to get the 1 day “charter license” which only goes into effect if you actually get out and use it. Links on my website for online sales. Any questions, call me.

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