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Fishing Report Posted: September 16, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 16, 2012 at 21:09:18:

Lots of junk fish... But plenty of Walleyes too ! Well we wrapped up what will probably be my last full week of Walleye fishing for the 2012 season in grand style. I know I am beginning to sound like a broken record but it was just an absolutely AWESOME week for us with some of the biggest Walleyes of the entire year being caught aboard ďThe TrophyĒ this past week. That along with a whole pile of monster Sheephead as well. Lol. Wow, were the junk fish bad this final week for us but we worked very hard every day and weeded through all of the nuisance fish and ended up each day with a incredible box of huge Walleyes. Everyday this past week Monday through Friday we ended the day each day with anywhere from the mid twenties to about thirty fish for the day. Most all huge, fat Walleyes all putting on the feed and fat for the winter months.

We had as many 12 pound plus Walleyes this past week all in one week as weíve had all summer long. On three different days we had three different Walleyes that weighed in at the end of the day right at the 12 pound mark. And that was on top of the massive numbers of 9ís, 10ís and 11ís as well that we had. Just plenty of huge, huge Walleyes. And I shudder to think how much better we might have done each day if we had not been tied up doing battle with the equally humongous Lake Erie Drum which have finally fired up to a very pain staking level. I guess we were very fortunate that the really bad Sheephead action held off as long as it did. Other years it had started to get to insane levels much earlier then this. Most that have already given up on the Walleyes around here this fall didnít even have to deal with it at all like I have had to as have the last few charters that still have had a trolling trip or two left.

The Walleyes that are left out there continue to march south a little more each day and seemingly westward by a mile or so each day now. With next to no boat pressure out there most all week long, we had these Walleyes all to ourselves pretty much. It was a very weird feeling to have absolutely no one else out there with us on so many different days. Of course the very stiff south winds almost every day last week also helped keeping the competition at bay with most deciding to chase the nearer to shore Perch if anything at all. And to be honest with you, a few of the days even though we were catching OK, I was wishing we were anchored ourselves rather then out there so far all by ourselves fighting the big waves and all of the problems that come along with catching so many big Sheephead. We wiped out some serious rods each day no matter how careful we tried to be. Those big ass snagged spinning Sheepheads will tangle all kinds of lines in a hurry and there is just no way to get around it. I had plenty of home work to do each day long after my charter had left the marina and gone home. Thatís on top of an already long, tiring day for me. You gotta love it !

So except for maybe one or two more Walleye trips, I am just about done with them for this season. There are still plenty of Walleyes left out there but I am just flat out of Walleye trips. Everything left on the books now is all for Perch except for this coming Monday and perhaps maybe one or two other dates here and there with some names on my books and me not remembering what exactly they wanted to fish for. I hope itís Perch. I think Iíve reached the point where Iíve just had enough. I am tired, beat up and now frustrated with all of the junk fish that are so very bad out there now. We had a great run at the Walleyes this year. Itís best that we end this on a winning note. There will always be next year. Now itís time for me to focus on the final leg of our late fall season. The fabulous Yellow Perch fishing that this area offers as well. I will be available for Perch Charters for about the next five weeks and have a good selection of dates still available for anyone that might be interested. I am looking forward to this more laid back part of the season. But Iím sure as we sit there anchored fishing for the Perch, I will catch myself longingly looking way out to the north and reminiscing about the season that has just passed and wondering if there are any more Walleyes left out there...

Capt. Walt

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