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Fishing Report Posted: September 02, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 02, 2012 at 03:29:51:

SEPTEMBER ! And we are still going strong ! After a couple of tougher days the week before where there was bit of a hint that things may be slowing down, it was back to spanking them again this whole past week aboard “The Trophy”. We spent most of the week hugging the Canadian border pulling some real monster Walleyes with very little boat traffic to contend with. I think most everyone else has finally had there fill of these super long boat rides to this promised land just to catch Walleyes. I know I have. But with the flipping of the page on the calendar to Sept., this signals to me that I am down to my last few weeks of Walleye trips myself and soon it will be over. It’s been a long road. Five months of chasing the ‘eyes is behind me now.

The weather was not the friendliest either. Although not rough enough to just blow the trips off completely, it was just rough enough a few of the days to make things miserable for some of my guests not to mention myself. I am really beginning to feel beat up after this last month. Tuesday on the ride out we came off of one particular wave which was not that exceptionally large but just awkwardly square and took an exceptionally hard landing. Well I rarely sit while running the boat, rather using my seat as a leaning post. I felt a jarring pain shoot up every vertebrate in my back. I have not been right since. I am sitting here typing this report up with a heating pad on my back days later and chewing Ibuprofen’s like they are M & M’s. The fact that I was netting exceptionally large Walleyes all week long didn’t help things either with my aches and pains. And yet I hear everyday “You have my dream job captain” Yeah, right.

But the fishing itself was very strong out there. Aboard “The Trophy” we have switched over to the larger Storm Thunderstick lures on the wire line to get down easier to the now ultra deep Walleyes. The program has been working very well for us and I have to believe that the shear size of these larger lures is catching us a larger then average grade of fish. Just great. Just what my aching back needs right about now! lol ! On the Dipsys we have been using the larger Stinger Spoons, the Stingrays as well. The bigger, the better. And I am scared to even mention it for fear of things back firing on me but I have got to believe this is helping us cut down on a good many of the nuisance junk fish along with their smaller mouths. Seems like if we do get a White Bass or something now, it is huge as well but it has not been too bad. This is probably how we will round out these last few weeks of trolling.

So the Walleye season for us is winding down real fast now. Guys are already catching good numbers of Yellow Perch. It won’t be long before “The Trophy” will be parked out there as well in the big packs that tend to converge around the charter fishing boats. In some ways I am looking forward to this more relaxed way of spending the day. Just simple fun back to the basics kind of fishing. We have lots of open available dates for anyone interested in one of these more laid back outings. Lots and lots of fun and the Perch are incredibly good eating. Give me a call and I’ll be glad to set up a date for you. Now is the time to book all of these trips. And finally, starting this week we are going to roll back our departure time to 5:30am. It is now starting to stay darker longer and longer in the mornings and even with the long runs that we are making, we are arriving way too early now while it is still dark. Another sure sign that fall is upon us. So if you have a upcoming trip with me, please take note of this. Yippee ! I get to sleep in till 4am now! What a dream job ! lol

Capt. Walt

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