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Fishing Report Posted: August 05, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on August 05, 2012 at 03:57:46:

As good as it gets ! We slipped quietly into August this past week with beautiful weather all week long and just another week of the most rock solid splendid Walleye fishing that I can remember. Almost ever. I think you would have to go back clear to 1988, the last really big drought year to recall conditions such as we’ve had this season and the Walleyes so very fired up. Day in and day out now for a long time this summer it has not been a question if you are going to limit out, but just how soon. Big fish and lots of them and it’s been pretty much non stop from the moment we drop our lines out there to the moment we pull them after filling all of our “tickets” !

In fact if it were not for the very long boat rides out and then back in afterwards, some of these trips would be ridiculously quick right now. But we have a considerable amount of travel time involved everyday now even though most of that has been under surprisingly good lake conditions here as of late. I shudder to think how long and punishing these rides will be if the normal August winds from the south and southwest ever kick in. But there is nothing too normal so far with the weather this year and perhaps we will luck out and get away with only these “1 hour” boat rides out and back to the fishing grounds on most days. Time will only tell.

But it is amazing how much fuel you can push thru the carburetors with both engines turning very high RPM’s in those couple of hours of high speed cruising in a big boat. I am sickened each day now when I go to top off “The Trophy”. And worst yet when I got in on Friday, the fellow running River Marine, home of “The Trophy” and where I do all of my fueling up says “hey, if you need gas, get it now. It’s going to be going up $.65 cent a gallon !” I’m like WHAT ! Whatever happened to the days of gas going up a few cents or a nickel or so? I guess it’s because of some BS issue with some pipeline in who knows where so now like overnight it’s bend over time. Wow. What terrible timing too. Just when our fuel consumption is off the charts this time of year, this comes along. Just another problem we charter captains all have to deal with in an otherwise perfect dream season. Hopefully most of my guests will notice my pain at the pump and step up to the plate as most have graciously done so in the past whenever fuel prices have spiked.

So we’ll see if we can keep this phenomenal fishing going this second week of August. Hopefully the fish will slide back in a few miles south here pretty quick. We can ill afford for the fish to go any further north at this point. Especially if the bulk of them would decide to slip over the Canadian line which isn’t all that far from where we are fishing. That would be the very worst case scenario. We flat out do not go into Canadian water. It is just way too complicated to do so. Once again, time will tell. But for now they seem content hanging around the twenty mile mark. We are still marking tons and tons of bait where we are fishing. As long as they hang around the Walleyes won’t be far behind. It’s amazing to see how many Smelt these Walleyes are spewing up whenever we go to net them and lift them out of the water. They sure are feeding good out there ! So till I report back again, I’ll be rolling up the miles...

Capt. Walt
*I am reminding all of my upcoming trips that we REALLY need to get off of the dock by 5:00am. These central basin big Walleyes in this real clear water are really squirrely and 90% of the time they feed like crazy right at dawn and then it drops off dramatically with each passing hour. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY if you want to catch a nice load ! It’s really just that simple. Also please MAKE SURE that you have your fishing license ahead of time before arriving in the morning. There are no provisions for licenses at the marina. Any questions, call my mobile # 216-387-2656

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