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Fishing Report Posted: July 29, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 29, 2012 at 07:36:47:

ďIf they are not in, they are out. And if they are not out, they are out even FURTHER Ē! A wise fellow charter captain once told me that nearly 30 years ago about our Ashtabula Walleyes. And sadly enough that pretty much came true for us this past week like it has most any other season around here this time of year. Almost over night our really big schools of fish shot way out towards the Canadian line. It was still one of the more dramatic moves Iíve seen the fish make in a long time. Itís not that you canít catch some fish closer in. You can and some guys are still doing so. But just not with the same results as the guys that are making the big runs now.

And it sucks the big one that the fish did that. This extreme offshore fishing means back to the long, gas guzzling, engine wearing extreme tough boat rides just to get out to where you want to start fishing. And it comes with more then itís share of difficulties when the weather isnít exactly picture perfect. On a nice lake, youíre looking at about an hours ride. Just that much longer when you start to fight Lake Erie's big chop which is more the norm more times then not out there. And along with August we start getting these really strong south and southwest winds almost every day. Killers I tell you. Just nice enough in close to the harbor to lull you into a false sense of security. And with each passing mile, it gets rougher, and rougher and ROUGHER. And then there's that really long ride back home in that s%$#, I mean crap...

But for us aboard ďThe TrophyĒ, it is what we do. I reluctantly but always sacrifice my fuel economy and the comfort and reassurance of the nearer to shore fishing where you can still see the land to position ourselves over what I believe to be the best spots available to us. No matter where I have to go. I always have. And when we found and chased these fish all the way out there, I knew the party was over for me. We just had it way too good so far this summer, way longer then even most expected. I guess it really should not come as no great surprise though. After all, in a couple of more days itís going to be August. Wow ! Just saying August is depressing to me. Itís all a downward slide from here. Where did this summer go ? Kids will be going back to school, football will be starting and the fish just keep moving further out. YUCK.

And yesterday, Saturday comes around and everything I describe above about offshore fishing comes true. The creeps at NOAA once again predict a two ft. or less for Saturday. In reality, after skirting some minor thunderstorms early on, a very stiff NE wind sets in there after from nowhere and everyone out there there seems to find themselves fighting 5 to 6 foot waves after they have already issued a a 2 ft. or less forecast for Saturday. Just about as accurate as they have been all summer. Not much fun but somehow we got through it and we still caught a whole mess of Walleyes. Not sure how the others out there did but once again I shudder to think about all the other small vessels that we seen out there amongst the HUGE waves trying to just get back in! Plain unacceptable !!! Well, we will try again in the morning. For now, itís over and out... And please, disregard any forecast that you may have heard for the next few days. Odds are, they are nowhere near being right !

Capt. Walt
*I am reminding all of my upcoming trips that we REALLY need to get off of the dock by 5:00am. These central basin big Walleyes in this real clear water are really squirrely and 90% of the time they feed like crazy right at dawn and then it drops off dramatically with each passing hour. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY if you want to catch a nice load ! Itís really just that simple. Also please MAKE SURE that you have your fishing license ahead of time before arriving in the morning. There are no provisions for licenses at the marina. Any questions, call my mobile # 216-387-2656

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