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Fishing Report Posted: June 24, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 24, 2012 at 16:44:24:

Well, they found me. No, not little boats that sometimes like to follow me around like a puppy dog out there. No, not the big schools of Walleyes that I really WISH would find me. But the White Bass ! The zillions of stinking little White Bass that I sooooooo hated this spring up at the islands and couldnít wait to leave behind back in May when I headed east. They have found me again along with most everyone else fishing out there that has been washing lures this past week or so. I mean, jeepers creepers are they ever a big pain in the butt. It really is killing us having to non stop clear lines and re-set everything in hopes that a Walleye might grab the lure before it gets spotted and snatched up by these little piranha like little fish. I donít know how many times weíve been loaded up with bass on practically every line out there and many times not even realizing that there was one was hanging on there. Just a real nuisance. And you canít be catching Walleyes when you are dragging junk fish around or loosing time bringing them in and re-setting everything constantly. It is definitely cutting into our productivity and making everyone work just that much extra hard. I am not very happy about all of this.

But on a brighter note though, when we did somehow get past the White Bass this week, the Walleye fishing was pretty good ! Most days this past week ďThe TrophyĒ came in with counts of Walleyes numbering in the twenties to high twenties ! Quite a bit better then we were doing just the week before last. Lots of very nice sized ones as well. Although I took no pictures on Tuesday because my guests that day were Amish, I wish I could have had a few of them hold up some of the monsters that they cranked in. I have this same particular group on the same exact day each year and every year they luck into some of the biggest fish that we have brought in to date. They always have a contest amongst themselves for the biggest fish landed. Well the first Walleye to the net this year was a 30 incher which we weighed at the end of the day and came in at an even 10 1/2 pounds. Did that win the contest? Nope. The second to last fish brought in that day went 31 inches and just a little over 12 pounds! What a fish and the biggest Walleye so far this year aboard ďThe TrophyĒ ! And all their other fish that day were no slouches either with many 28 & 29 inchers in the mix. They just always seem to get get lucky with similar boxes each year. What a load and what a streak these guys are on !

So as I speculated about in last weeks report, we did poke around a little further off shore this past week. I myself however still seemed to do better not all that terribly far out in the 68 to 72 foot range. But along with that came the White Bass problem. As you get out further, they are not all that bad. But it also seems a lot quieter with the Walleyes. Not really a good trade off. I also dabbled with the wire line program some last week but I didnít see where it helped me all that much. Some of the better charters did as well and even better with the all jet diver program. I guess itís just about a wash and depends on what your preferences are. I just like the wire better personally so Iíll probably be actively trying to make it work a little better as we enter this last full week of June. These fish are due to start dropping down deeper and thatís when the crank baits and wire excel. Plus itís a lot easier to tell when one of those little pesky White Bass is clinging on to the end of it. I am not quite sure what to make of my big Dipsys. I just flat out can not keep the White Bass off of those. I am running huge spoons with big trebs and they are still constantly loading me up. And how those little White Bass manage to get that big treble hook into their mouths and stapling themselves shut is beyond me. YIKES !

We had very nice although very hot weather last week. It looks like the start to this week is going to be a bit bumpy and cooler for a couple of days. Hopefully not to the point where we canít get out. We will just have to see. Maybe thatís what the lake needs. A good blow to stir things up. Who knows. Things can change in a hurry around here. The week before I was talking about all the Trout that we were catching. This past week we were barely catching one or two a trip. Crazy weird. But we will be out there again trying and searching this coming week in hopes that the Mother Load arrives and chases all of these White Bass to Buffalo or somewhere ! lol ! Whatís my chances? Oh well. Weíll get thru it. We always do. As long as we are still catching an occasional big Walleye, it is all good. Well, stay tuned to see what other mayhem may await us this coming week. Probably will be the attack of Sheephead. I know that one is coming too !

Capt. Walt
*I am reminding all of my upcoming trips that we REALLY need to get off of the dock by 5:00am. These central basin big Walleyes in this real clear water are really squirrely and 90% of the time they feed like crazy right at dawn and then it drops off dramatically with each passing hour. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY if you want to catch a nice load ! Itís really just that simple. Also please MAKE SURE that you have your fishing license ahead of time before arriving in the morning. There are no provisions for licenses at the marina. Any questions, call my mobile # 216-387-2656

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