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Fishing Report Posted: June 17, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 17, 2012 at 03:51:22:

A TROUT POND! Itís a friggin trout pond out there right now I tell ya! Lol ! Wow, itís been a lot of years since the Steelhead Trout fishing has been this good, this early in the summer here in Ashtabula. This past week found ďThe TrophyĒ literally being attacked by these big lake run Rainbows on each and every outing that we made. Although we were targeting the Walleyes, nobody seemed to mind the heart pounding, reel screaming action each and every time one of these silver bullets got hooked up ! In fact, more times then not there was a bit of a race and scuffle to the rod that had just gone off as everyone wanted to try and do battle with this prized fighting jumper. Iím glad everybody enjoyed it so much, but I think Iím finally getting too old or just too tired to be jumping around like I had to and be moving rods around and directing everything and then netting these heavy missiles that had usually crossed every Dipsy lines, downrigger lines and everything else for that matter. What a Chinese fire drill !

Itís really nice that the trout have stepped up to the plate because the Walleye fishing has still been a little bit on the slow side for most everyone. Although we have somehow managed to get at the very least into the double digits each day for Walleyes caught, itís not as good or fast as many of my guests have come to expect from over the years. ďThe TrophyĒ has been on a search and destroy mission each day this past week as we have been searching for the mother load of Walleyes. Oddly enough, there has been no where that we have gone where we have not caught at least some Walleyes and Steelhead both. Weíve been in the 40 ft. range of water, 50 ft., 60 ft. and even as of the last few days, the 70 ft. plus depths of water. There just seems to be some Walleyes everywhere we go not to mention the explosive Steelheads that keep surprising us every where as well. Just no huge numbers. I think the spoon program that we are running right now off the Tru Trip Jet Divers is contributing to enticing these crazy Trout that we are catching. They just love those fluttering spoons !

Other then a couple of days mid week this past week, the weather has been almost picture perfect for trolling for the big ones. We covered a lot of ground with a lot of lures and have enjoyed limited success. A few others have done better on occasion, some have done worst and I guess Iíll be content knowing that we have been somewhere in the middle of the road most of the days but always trying hard. Still things are due to bust loose. Perhaps as more fish move into the area and they start to drop deeper into the water column where they donít get spooked as easily by the boat and shut down so quickly each day when the sun gets higher we can start to enjoy more limit catches again. Of coarse as I have been telling everyone all along, you shouldnít get too terribly hung up on ďlimiting outĒ. Just enjoy your day on the water with your friends and relatives and be thankful for each and every fish that the big lake gives you. I mean really, where else can you go and reel in a 5 to 10 pound Walleye and maybe the next time up on the rod follow that up perhaps with a 5 to 10 pound Steelie. Even if that is all that you reel in all day, youíve had a heck of a good day on the water doing something that not all that many people get a chance to do !

So we enter our second to last week in June already anxiously awaiting for things to really turn on. Maybe it will, maybe it wonít this week. Thatís all part of the excitement of going. The anticipation and uncertainty of how your day will go and how they will bite. Still though, as long as things donít get any worst it should be plenty exciting for everyone coming up this week with more then an excellent chance of catching a trophy sized Walleye and even maybe a Steelhead Trout of a life time as well. Good stuff ! I think we will push it out even further this week and see what we can find. There just has to be a bigger school of fish out there somewhere ! Maybe one of my groups this week will be the lucky ones to be there when we bring in the first massive load of Ashtabula Walleyes as we have done so many times before over the years. We are more then over due. You just never know from day to day !

Capt. Walt

*I am reminding all of my upcoming trips that we REALLY need to get off of the dock by 5:00am. These central basin big Walleyes in this real clear water are really squirrely and 90% of the time they feed like crazy right at dawn and then it drops off dramatically with each passing hour. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY if you want to catch a nice load ! Itís really just that simple. Also please MAKE SURE that you have your fishing license ahead of time before arriving in the morning. There are no provisions for licenses at the marina. Any questions, call my mobile # 216-387-2656

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