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Fishing Report Posted: June 10, 2012

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on June 10, 2012 at 20:55:50:

Great weather! I mean, really really, great weather! Well after loosing all of last weekend due to lousy weather and a rather bumpy start to the fishing week both Monday & Tuesday, a fantastic weather pattern has set in with calm seas, lots of sun and very comfortable air temperatures. Too bad the fishing was actually better when the weather was shaky! Actually the fishing was very good up until the weekend when things slowed down for most everyone. Even though we still managed to get into the double digits over the weekend, it wasnít the like the 20 to 25 fish a day that we were doing earlier on in the week. I blame a lot of things including just too many days of flat seas. Itís a shame many times on the Lake Erie you have to be suffering because of cold or high waves or some other calamity to be catching lots of fish. Itís just never easy out there.

The other thing that did us no favors was the extremely full moon this past week. It was so full and so bright the last few nights that numerous times while trying to sleep at night in the camper where I stay up river at the campgrounds where I stay I was startled awake thinking OMG I slept in and it was already daylight! There are many things I donít worry all that much about when it comes to Walleye fishing up here such as wind direction or low or high pressure systems, but knowing that the moon will be full and bright gives me the heeby geebys. After doing this for so many years, I know for a fact that when the moon is that bright that these Walleyes feed heavily all night long and a bit at dawn and then after that itís siesta time the rest of the day. It is a fact and exactly what we encountered yet again here the last few days. A great first hour or so of fishing and then the wheels fall off the cart.

But when they were biting this past week, the fish that we caught were dandy's! Catching a dozen or so of these hog Walleyes is like catching 30 fish in the western basin or 40 keepers at Pymatuning or most any other inland lake. They are BIG fish! Plus we are already doing the occasional Steelhead Trout and they have not been dinks themselves by no means. All big fish. This past week we did about half a dozen Trout mixed in with our Walleyes with a couple differnt days landing pairs and loosing one or two others that we had hooked up. A pretty good start on the trout fishing if that is your kind of thing where some years we donít start seeing any at all till we get well offshore. The program has been the same all week. Spoons fished on 40 Jets about 90 to 110 foot back on the big planer boards and nearly the same on the big Dipsy Divers. It all worked before the sun got up too high each day and sent the Walleyes down to the depths for a nice sleep. Itís always something...

So we start another week with another batch of new guests coming up, all with high expectations and pent up fishing excitement. Some will have great catches and some may have mediocre results. Only time will tell. I guess thatís what keeps it interesting and why they call it fishing and not catching. Iím pretty sure most will leave with enough for a fish dinner and then some. As long as you enjoy the outing itself and not get too hung up on the meat angle of it, you will have a blast. I know I will be trying my hardest as always. If I could write the script, everyone would leave with limits and nothing but 10 pounders. It just does not work that way. It would certainly be easier for me. I work ten times harder when the fishing is slow then when we are banging them hard. Constantly moving the sets around, changing lures, doing everything I can think of to try and get something going for the guys. It is what it is. Weíll see what this week brings.

Capt. Walt

*I am reminding all of my upcoming trips that we REALLY need to get off of the dock by 5:00am. These central basin big Walleyes in this real clear water are really squirrely and 90% of the time they feed like crazy right at dawn and then it drops off dramatically with each passing hour. WE DO NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS OPPORTUNITY if you want to catch a nice load ! Itís really just that simple. Also please MAKE SURE that you have your fishing license ahead of time before arriving in the morning. There are no provisions for licenses at the marina. Any questions, call my mobile # 216-387-2656

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