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Fishing Report Posted: September 06, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on September 06, 2008 at 08:19:42:

September. Just saying that is depressing ! It means our summer is practically over and so is my Walleye season. We are down to our last couple of weeks of Walleye charters before we start our fall Perch trips. And although Perchin is fun, it's not where my heart is. I guess I was born to catch Walleyes. I love the challenge of fishing the big water and making amazing things happen. The more out of control fast action we experience, the faster I work. I thrive on this kind of chaos ! Perch fishing is a lot more laid back. Anchor the boat and jerk jumbo's one after another. More fun for you guy's. I just help unhook fish and whatever. Awh, such is my season and this is what I have to do to round out the year.

Walleye fishing has continued to be excellent thus far right into September. I can't believe how big some of these late season beauties have been. We sure have seen our share of 10 pound fish the last few weeks. They are putting on a lot of fat for the winter months and feeding like crazy. It has not been unusual to net a Walleye and have it spew a bunch of smelt out of their mouths. Literally a feeding frenzy going on out there ! We have finally started to see more Steelhead Trout as well the last couple of weeks, something that has been unusually quiet most all of the summer season. Unfortunately the Sheephead have been attacking us as well on some days. The last couple of days have not been so bad though.

We are still fishing well offshore most everyday now. 15 to 20 miles has been an almost everyday occurrence for about the last month. Ugly fuel bills everyday to say the least. Locked in at charter rates from a few years ago is not quiet getting it at today's high fuel costs. There will be a slight adjustment for next season ... unless O'Bama or McCain solve all of our problems between this November and next spring, LOL ! For now your generous tip money is still offsetting the difference. What was once meant at one time for the wife and I to go out and have dinner on the boy's is now going right into the pockets of the big oil companies. Sucks. Man, I better get back on the right subject. I'm depressing myself !

I've adjusted to my new dock location as much as I am going to I suppose since the collapse of River Marine into the Ashtabula River last month. See my last fishing report if you are not familiar with the story. Very sad. Anyway, I am still meeting most all of my charters at River Marines parking lot and having everyone just follow me down. It's only a couple of hundred yards back up river but it's been easier this way. Looks like this will be my home as well for the next season. Next year it will be up to everyone to find where I am docked. This sitting in the parking lot in the truck waiting for someone to show up is getting old. The good news is that the fish cleaning is still available but keep in mind that you have to get your fishing licenses ahead of time since there is no longer a marina store. You can do it online ahead of time through the links on my website or the K-Mart in Ashtabula which sells them 24 hours a day. Just plan accordingly. We are departing the dock now promptly at 6:00 a.m. Don't forget to book that fall Perch trip as well. We are booking those right now and will be starting to Perch fish very soon !

Capt. Walt

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