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Fishing Report Posted: July 05, 2008

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Posted by Capt. Walt Ermansons on July 05, 2008 at 08:12:25:

Just another day, just another week, just another month, and just another half a season in the books aboard "The Trophy" We have now reached the half way point of the 2008 fishing season. Incredibly, we've been in the water now for 3 1/2 months now or officially, the half way point of our 7 month season. Walleye fishing off of Ashtabula has become routinely good pretty much now with limit catches almost a daily occurrence. The weather continues to be challenging with many cool and windy and rainy days on the big pond. For the most part, it has not effected our daily catch rates. It just has made my job tougher.

The fish continue to move offshore further and further and drop deeper and deeper down in the water column. Aboard "The Trophy" we have made all of the necessary adjustments and continue to bring consistent catches of beautiful Walleyes back to the bragging board everyday. A few more Steelhead are also appearing in our daily catches as well as we continue to get further offshore with the Walleyes moving out. With this, my daily fuel bill is also starting to get very ugly. Thanks to everyone that is kicking in the extra tip bucks to make sure that fuel is never a determining point for where I am going to fish. I want to take everyone to the very best possible spots no matter how far out this may be. All of you have been very generous and I will continue to take everyone to the best spots that I am aware of, no matter how far out it is.

One thing now needs to be addressed. The game wardens as of July 1st are strictly watching and enforcing the 6 Walleye possession rule. This is nothing new. You are not allowed and never have been allowed to have on your possession more then 6 Walleyes a person as you leave the marina. We have been warned and the fish cleaners now have to keep strict records as well. What that means is you are not allowed to have any extra fish that we may catch as we clear lines or whatever just because I am on board. I have been guilty before of letting a few of you keep a few extra fish on my account if they were coming exceptionally fast. This was never legal and they are now watching us closely. Please do not ask me to break any laws. You are allowed 6 Walleyes each and no more. They are going to make an example of someone and they have the power to pull over cars as they leave the marina and count either fish or fillets. Mark my words, this is going to happen.

We still need to leave early in the morning each day. If you have a upcoming trip, you need to be at the marina at 5:00 a.m. especially now that we have more travel time involved in getting to the schools of fish. Also, the drawbridge is still closed for repairs so make sure you come in by way of Rt.11 like my directions direct you to. Finally, as we start the down ward slide of the 2008 fishing season I want to remind everyone that the fall Perch season will be here before you know it. Some are already Perching because you don't have to burn anywhere near as much gas and they are doing incredibly well considering it is still mid summer. It will only get better this fall. We are already booking Perch dates and you can really never book to early. Remember that the best date always go first so don't wait ! Book your fall Perch trips now !

Capt. Walt

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