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Early May 2012 Drifting for Smallmouth Presque Isle Bay

Early May finds excellent smallmouth fishing in the bay waters. The bay is heated much quicker than the lake. Here also is a good place for the smallmouth to be in an area of less gobies for the spawn.
Monday the 7th found great fishing drifting large golden shiners on the flats just near the drop offs. Fish were jumping and fighting making smiling faces. The average size was around 18 inches.

The bay also holds many large mouth bass of which we caught one good size bucket mouth.

The morning drizzle came to an end and the fish catching action increased with many doubles and even a triple.
This put smiles on all at the same time.
All the fish were caught on golden shiners purchased at Poor Richards bait shop 814-474-5623.

Tight Lines Captain Ron 800-784-1232

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 10, 2012 at 22:15:31

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