Lake Erie Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

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Posted by Captain Ron Rusch on July 17, 2017 at 16:24:05:

The 2017 walleye season has begun with lots of action packed fun. The abundance of a fantastic 2015 hatch has put many fish on the line. The only problem is that they are just under sized of just over the 15 inch limit. Catching 100 walleye a day for four anglers to get a limit of 15 to 30 inch fish is common. Next year will put these little fish in the legal size range. Fish are near shore on the south side of the trench. 54 feet has been great from Ohio to the east side of the Presque Isle.

Lately action has been good 52 to 58 feet water depth on the 20 to 17 line.

The captain also get into the hands on drifting fishing action catching his limit also at times.

Girls always seam to catch the big ones. Donít be afraid to try 25 to 35 feet depth also, here near shore there are also many to sort thru for legal 15 inch plus fish. Big fish have been caught near shore also. All pictures in report came from less than 35 feet.

The trench also has some bigger fish but the eater size just seam to be everywhere, especially in that 53 foot water depth range with some bigger walleyes mixed in.

Happy sorting!

Tight lines Captain Ron

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