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Walleye fishing aboard the SeaWolf - Walleye - Northern Pike 7/12/2014

The first half of July has started with many limits of walleye Aboard the SeaWolf. HANDS ON drift fishing or drift/troll fishing is the method of choice.
Human rod holder are used to jig the bottom or near bottom for walleye. Five in hand rod holders and 30 walleye fills the cooler.

Kids have fun battling the large walleye as we slowly pass over at a very slow drift. The walleye do fight when the speed is slow. Large Sheephead, white bass, white perch, huge catfish and yellow perch add to the excitement.

24 Walleye with only four rods.

30 Walleye with 5 human in hand rod holders.

24 Walleye with four rods. Yes we mostly fish with only one in hand rod per person.
Night crawlers are the bait of choice aboard the SeaWolf. All walleye above were caught in 30 to 45 feet of water west of Walnut Creek.

A Golden shiners was used drifting to catch this large walleye in 55 feet of water.

The month of June, Bass trips found many Northern Pike on the line smashing those golden shiners from Poor Richards bait shop.
The sharp teeth provided escape for many as they cut the 8 or 10 pound test line. Large mouth bass came on the line in numbers as the month neared the middle. The bass fishing trips were full of fun and excitement and look forward to next years bronze back fishing. Walleye are now the target. A good number of large walleye can be found east and west of Walnut Creek in 55 to 70 feet of water.

Tight Lines Captain Ron

Source: Captain Ron Rusch July 13, 2014 at 12:54:10

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