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Lake Erie Smallmouth 5/4/13

The Seawolf fishing season has begun on Lake Erie with Smallmouth the target. Fishing is good in Presque Isle bay to start. Action was surprisingly slow to start this day 05/04/2013.
Moved around and found good action south of the Perry's Monument in 6 to 8 feet depth.

Doubles starting coming in as we drifted this area. Fishing was good for these bronze backs.

Continued catching smallmouth as the day continued. A good many yellow perch were also caught.

Action was real good near noon with doubles and a triple to fill the excitement.

The biggest smallie caught this day was 19.25 inches. All the fish were caught on golden shiners purchased at Poor Richards bait shop 814 474 5623. Drifting for smallmouth is the way to go, all anglers are involved all the time and the fish decide whose turn it is. Wind was out of the southeast all morning up to 1 PM when the wind shifted to the northeast. Fishing slowed on the wind change as the day ended. Great trip as all caught fish.

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Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 08, 2013 at 19:39:53

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