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The 2012 Season Begins April Aboard the SeaWolf

The Seawolf V boat is a roomy 27 foot Boston Whaler. It is also 10 wide with a cutty cabin.

Presque Isle bay is the choice of finding smallmouth, Here the water warms much sooner than the lake. Action is fast as these small children fight to keep the smallies on the line.

It is really fun watching the little tots fight the larger smallies but they all got away. Brother does get his share of the action.

Mon shows this family how to catch and hold on to the larger smallies. Action was good along the drop off areas near Perry’s Monument and surrounding area. With a good many caught on the flats near by. Bait of the day was fat head minnows, mostly because that is all that could be found of any size in the area at this time in early April.
Method: Drifting of course with live bait!!!

Smooth tight lines. Captain Ron

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 08, 2012 at 10:32:23

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