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Drifting for Smallmouth and Walleye Mid July 2011

The smallmouth action near Freeport was great. The wind was out of the south on Monday and the fish were snappin.

The bait and method of the day was drifting minnows with rod in hand.

Gobies like minnows too! But bass like minnows also. Nice up the chain affect minnow to goby to big bronze back. Notice the goby hanging out of the mouth! Too bad they donít eat them fast enough. The gobies have a large affect on the bass population. Bass spawn once a year where the gobies spawn more than once.

North of Shades Beach in 70 foot of water walleye were hitting worm harness of various colors.

Water was a little choppy this day and keeping them on the line was a challenge.

Friday the folks caught some nice walleye north of Walnut Creek in 70 feet of water also with worm harness of various colors. Watermelon was hot fished Hands-On at 50 feet down.

The cooler was full and could fit no more. This year the walleye have been on the huge size with many over 8 pounds making the cooler. Fish seem to be scattered from Ohio to New York 50 feet water depth to the Trench and beyond.

Tight Lines
Captain Ron

Source: Captain Ron Rusch July 15, 2011 at 20:44:37

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