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The 2008 Season Begins Aboard The “SEAWOLF”

Drift fishing for Smallmouth was the target. The near shore of Erie PA on Sunday April 28, 2008 finds the water temperature at 46 degrees. This low temperature did not stop the bite. Smallmouth action was pretty good once the wind made just a 5 to 10 degree shift to the west after starting out of the south. After several fishless drifts the plotter showed the wind shift right at the waypoint where the first fish was caught. It was amazing how that little bite of change in direction turned the fish on. Smallmouth on the line, brings smiling faces as the size of these smallies is awesome

The best depth was the 15-foot ledge area near shore in the morning. Several doubles made the rods bend as some fish dance on the water. Smallmouth were found on the bottom and suspended at various depths. About mid day the best action was in the 8 to 12 foot depth. Water was murky all day but they may have made the shallow water so good.

The captain’s first fish was a 20 inch smallie. All the fish caught were on the large size as very few small fish are ever caught the last few years. Gobies maybe taking a toll on the eggs???

Jerry caught the biggest measuring 21.5 inches. This is a real beauty that was released and unharmed for others to enjoy catching. The rest that were caught were also released. All the fish were caught on golden shiners purchased form Poor Richards Bait and Tackle on the west side. 814-474-5623.

The smallmouth action has just begun with many to be caught over the next couple months. Walleye and smallmouth combo trips start in six weeks. Looking for that tackle busting action call 800-784-1232.

Tight lines Captain Ron

Source: Captain Ron Rusch April 28, 2008 at 20:42:15

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