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Walleye limits and Smallmouth fishing off Walnut Creek, Erie PA July 13, 2007

Walleye and smallmouth continue to be found near shore off Walnut Creek PA in good numbers.

Method used most always aboard the SeaWolf boats is drifting rod in hand allowing the Captain to join in on the fishing action.
I am often asked if I come out and fish on my own. Answer: Why I am fishing now!

Catching a walleye drifting puts the fight from the bottom up. Watching a young angler catch his own makes for a great time.

Fishing out of Walnut Creek the past week has put limit catches in the cooler every trip Friday the 6th to Thursday the 12th

All the walleye catches were made drifting crawler harness near shore.

Nice to see a 80 year old young fellow catch his first walleye ever all on his own rod in hand.

Smallmouth action has been real good with many 5 and 6 pound bronze backs caught all on large Golden Shiners from
Poor Richards bait and tackle 814-474-5623.

Watermelon, gold and black/purple willow leaf blades have been working well for the walleye.

Walleye have been found mostly in 25 to 30 feet depth fished on the bottom.

Smallmouth dancing on the water make for smiling faces.

The average size of the smallies has been the best that I have ever seen. The numbers caught has not been the best seen ever since the gobies arrived but the size makes up for the loss. Catching these bronze backs on light tackle drifting is a fun filled day.

Kids are what it is all about as I watch these youngsters bait, cast and catch smallies and walleye.

Occasional while drift fishing big cats bend the rod over for quite a powerful fight. They take 10 to 20 minuets to land as they are near impossible to get off the bottom on light tackle until they wear down and then it is not always once up it is over. Back down and up for a few times then comes the net. Quite a thrill!

Try catching walleye on Eriedearies for a change up. All 36 walleye were caught on Eriedearies drifting in 20 feet of water one day in June.
All the fish caught in the photos were caught in 15 to 35 feet depth west and east of Walnut Creek.

Seawolf hands-on drift fishing fun. 800-784-1232
The Seawolf II and III boats have some week day openings but as to week ends not until Sept unless a cancellation is made. Then comes the steelies in October

Source: Captain Ron Rusch July 13, 2007 at 17:52:08

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