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Steelhead and Smallmouth Bass action the first week+ of October 06 - 11, 2006

The fall steelhead run is well underway.

Boats have the first shot at these tack busting steelies.

Many limits catches have been in the cooler since the beginning of October and many yet to come.

Shallow running small plugs are the best for good hookups. Plugs like Reefrunners, Bombers, Mighty Minnows and Thundersticks in the small version are best.

Red, black and sometimes fire tiger colors work best.

Walnut Creek has been best lately. Many fish have been also caught at Trout Run and Elk Creek. Godfrey Run has been the slowest. Trolling is best in 4 to 10 feet water depth.

When steelhead action is slow. Time spent fishing for smallmouth can be very rewarding. Just move into deeper water. do a little jigging and hold on.

Fish-on! Catching a 20 inch smallmouth on light tackle is awesome.

Watching a young angler work the rock pile and catch his own 20+ inch fish is also awesome.

Take a break and catch a tackle busting steelie is also awesome.

The weather was great Monday and the smallmouth action was excellent while the near shore water was clear and the steelhead action was very slow.

Just like the spring, find a rock pile and you got a nice bronze back on the line.

Monday was just an awesome day for the amount of 20+ inch smallies caught. Most were 5 to 6 pounders with more than half over 20 inches.

The cold weekend forcasted should make for some great steelhead fishing next week.Steelhead action aboard the SeaWolf should be great for the next three weeks until they pull the docks at Walnut Creek.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch October 11, 2006

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