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Awesome Walleye fishing this summer of 2006 Posted: August 02, 2006

WOW!! What a summer for catching walleye.

The past Monday and Tuesday these fellows put a hert on the walleye. Wednesday 8/02/2006 was just as good!

Now and then a nice one is caught. Nearshore and offshore lunkers have been found.

Erie Dearies have working well in shallow water aboard the Seawolf II and Seawolf III boats.

The walleye action has been good along the south side of the first trench to the near shore.

Lately 300 to 330 has been good 50 to 60 foot depth and 440 to 460

“Awesome” is not a good enough word to describe this year fantastic limit catches.

Most of the Action aboard the Seawolf boats has come on a bottom bounded worm harnesses drifted. Fire tiger, black/purple and watermelon blades have been excellent.

Rod in hand as always.

NO Dipsy Divers!

NO Down Riggers!

No Jet Divers!

Just plain old drift fishing fun

Keep your bait or lure near the bottom

Seawolf III was added to the fleet this year for more drift fishing fun.

Lunkers caught on light tackle aboard the Seawolf is “awesome”. These hog walleye fight to the bitter end. Head shaking and diving back to the bottom is common as the battle is on. Go slow and enjoy the fight.

Rods in hand. The fish decided which person's turn it is. One rod per person and we occasionally have fish on all the rods at the same time.

Smallmouth also join the action now and then deep and nearshore.

Walleye action should continue well into September with steelhead to follow. Call to reserve your fun filled day aboard Seawolf Fishing Charters. 800-784-1232

Source: Captain Ron Rusch August 06, 2006

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