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Awesome Steelhead and some walleye 10/05/2005

Recent days have been great for Steelhead. Monday fish could be found at the mouth of all four hot spots. (Walnut, Trout Run, Godfrey Run and Elk Creek) The crowd has been building with the anchored casters and the tubers. But the action was good in 6 to 12 feet. Due to the traffic which was at the other hot spots fished mostly off Elk. Red Jr. Thunder Sticks off the boards was good. Other Silver, Black and Fire Tiger shallow running lures also worked well at the far position on the boards.

This was the maiden voyage for Seawolf III. This was a good fish catching sign for the future. The final hour was at Walnut where we had several doubles to end the day.

Wednesday was another good day off of Elk. Six for six is an awesome catch. Again red was the hot color. The lake has been calm near shore for several days but usually the lake clears up and the fish move out. A little algae is coloring up the water. This may be work for us, making a good steelhead season early. The coming weekend looks rough with wind and rain. Next week will see some calm south wind days with good action again.

Walleye continue to be caught along the western south side of the trench.

Numbers caught are much smaller now. The future for next year looks awesome with that fantastic 2003 walleye hatch. The summer has seen days of catching 50 and more of those little 13 to 17.875 inch walleye. Next year the limit goes to six at 15 inches. Book early is needed for that special hands-on drift fishing walleye date.

Happy Fishing
Captain Ron

Source: Captain Ron Rusch October 06, 2005

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