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WOW! What a awesome week of Walleye limits, Posted: August 28, 2005

The week was full of limit catches of walleye.

Today Sunday the 28th three limits of walleye and 1.5 limit of yellow perch made the cooler. About 100 white perch presented a nuisance as they seemed to be on the line all day long. A good many small walleye also were caught and released. Watermelon bladed worm harnesses were hot most of the week. Great group of anglers from Summerset were on board this day.

This week’s big walleye was a nice 31.5 inch near 10 pound walleye caught by Steve.

Kids have fun too! Alex pulled in a very nice fish on Wednesday. What really makes the catch is he did it all. Line drop to hook set. The slow drift method of catching walleye is easy for kids.

Alex continued to contribute to a 120 quart cooler full of sixteen walleye and 40 yellow perch.

Grand kids and the Captain took a freezer filler day.

Tuesday: Cara from Iowa pulled in a nice walleye.

Cara and her dad helped load up the cooler with 16 Walleye. That day near ended with the need of two but ended with a triple of keeper. One returned for another day.

Monday the 22nd was on the wild side. Northwest wind drifted us down the east end of the trench. Action was super. Keeping them on was another thing. The waves were on the fish’s side. But this young fellow got his walleye in.

Every day this week, 3 to 4 limits were caught each day north of Walnut Creek in 55 to 75 feet depth all on worms. Among this weeks catch were 150 to 200 small walleye 14.5 to near 18 inches released. Next year is looking real good. The limit will go to 6 walleye at 15 inches for 2006. Book early!

There are still a few good days open for this year. Good walleye fishing should continue well into September and more!!!!

Source: Captain Ron Rusch August 28, 2005

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