Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Smallmouth doubles of 20 inch bass 05/22/2005

Friday of the third weekend of May 2005 finds hot action off Shades Beach for those football shaped smallmouth. Tal started the action moments after his line hit the water.

His son Chip came up with a 22 inch smallie shortly after. Action was quick most of the morning in 12 to 20 feet. At mid day action became slow and ended the day the same.

Saturday was also on the slower side most of the day trying many places and depths. The Captain caught 12 smallies and a nice 20+ inch fish of which was returned for all to have a chance at on a later date. Tal and Chip worked hard for the fish they caught this day.

Sunday started with a cold brisk northeast wind and the continuing slower action. Jamie picked up a nice 19 inch fish as we moved east from Shades to near Shorewood.

The wind continued but slowing from the northeast as now it had been 48 hours since the fast action of Friday had past.

Jamieís rod bent over and the battle was on with a nice 20 inch smallie in hand.

This was the end of the 48 hour slow spell as his dad pulled in a nice fish.

Doubles and fish after fish were on the line and dancing on the water again.

The day ended hot with a double of 20+ smallies. Jamieís was 20 inches and 5 pounds and his dad Jimís was 21.5 inch and 6.25 pounds. The year so far has seen a lot of 20 inch and over smallmouth bass. All fish caught on large golden shiners. Fishing rod in hand and drifting to capture the exciting battle of those hard fighting and dancing smallies.

The days ahead sure look great for smallmouth Eddie!

Great time with some good fishermen!

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 22, 2005 at 22:54:44

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