Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Small mouth action plus walleye for dinner 05/07/2005

The season begins aboard the SEAWOLF. Smallmouth: The target after a quick stop for a load of those golden shiners from Smiling Joe Hansenís Bait Stand. 814-838-1642

Starting at Shades Beach action came quick as the Captain pulled in a nice smallie out of 20 foot. Water temp today was 47 degrees.

The morning drift was light and variable with light rain in the air. It wasnít long and all were joining in on the fun.

Not much for dancing on the water this morning but the size was excellent.

Drift was mostly from the southeast. Great action was in 18 feet as we drifted from 10 to 25 feet each drifting pass. Steady was the action!

Moved a little more east and the action picked up as the wind also picked up. Smallmouth Bass seam to like a northeast wind. This is also an aides in keeping the drift along the 18 foot ledge. There is nothing like a 6 pound smallie caught on a light rod in hand drifting.

The day also had the surprise of dinner with a 24 inch walleye for the table. Walleye do fight when caught with rod in hand. As they hug the bottom swimming all around the boat. All fish were caught on golden shiners.

Fun day and great company!!!!!!

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 10, 2005 at 22:10:41

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