Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Limit catches of walleye

The week began with limit catches of walleye in 20 to 35 feet water depth west of Walnut Creek. Having this group a couple days mid week. They stocked up the freezer with two days of limit catches all on worm harnesses. The Captain also stocked up with walleye as the bite was on.

The drifting or slight drift/troll method was used to catches these beauties. Watching young future anglers catch and set the hook is great. The battle of a walleye is missed by those who troll for them. Pictures of first days action may be lost. The youngsters battled several near eight pounders the day before. The younger one caught the biggest walleye on the first drift of the first day and was so excited that he couldn't wait to go next year. By the end of day two they were quite worn out.

Friday was the big fish day as this angler caught his first ever walleye. The walleye was a nine pounded and maybe hard to ever beat. BEGINNERS LUCK!

Walleye were caught both east or west of Walnut Creek all week. Continued to catch and put more of those jumbo yellow perch in the cooler.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch June 26, 2004 at 23:09:10

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