Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Walleye limits are being caught near shore PA waters of Lake Erie.

Walleye limits are being caught near shore PA waters of Lake Erie.

Tuesday started with light rain and a south southwest wind making for some great drifting. The fun of catching is, the in hand bite of a good size walleye. The boys had a great time catching their own limit of walleye. Fished 25 to 35 foot depth west of Walnut Creek with crawler harness.

Large walleye continue to be caught near shore. The big this week was a 31 inch 10.33 pound deep diving head shaking fighter.

Limit catches of walleye were in the cooler on Monday along with several good size perch.

Smallmouth continue to be caught near shore in 15 to 30 feet on the usual golden shiner.

The last week has been good for many days of limit catches of smallies on the east and west side of Presque Isle.

Friday was a very foggy day with walleye biting to the east of Walnut Creek in 22 feet.

The fog remained most all day as the action continued.

At times the fog would cleared a little but the fish kept biting.

The week was good for large walleye, big perch and those hard fighting bronze backs the smallies.

Perch limits for most boaters continue north of Walnut Creek each day in 50 feet.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch June 22, 2004 at 23:04:20

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