Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Hot smallmouth action in the rain Saturday 5/15/04

Saturday May 15 2004 fines a light rain in the air and a north west wind. Started to fish east of Presque Isle for smallmouth bass. With in minuets the first fish was on at 16 foot depth.

Doubles were common this day as the fish were biting in the rain.

Triples add to the action as they dance on the water and add fast pace thrill in the rain.

Some nice size fish were caught all on golden shiners.

Continued to drift east catching fish all the way to Shades Beach area.

Fish bite all day as the light rain also fell all day. Best depth was 12 to 22 feet this day.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch May 20, 2004 at 08:25:42

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