Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Sunday November 9th finds FANTASTIC STEELHEAD FISHING!

Sunday November 9th finds FANTASTIC STEELHEAD FISHING!

The Morning was cold and clear. Started to fish around 9:30, water temperature was 47 degrees surface, with a flat lake fishing began.

Brian had his hands full bringing this ten pound steelie to the net. It was even tuff to hold up for the picture after the battle wore them both out.

Each pass in front of Walnut Creek was good for two or three steelies. All the fish caught this day were fresh silver colored rainbows and on the heavy side. Red and black shallow runners are the ticket to catching one of these tackle busting steelies as usual.

Action will continue for many weeks to come. The weather will become more difficult as winter nears. Nice days will become fewer as average temperatures move lower. CAUTION is needed as the channel at Walnut Creek will also become graveled in more and more with each heavy storm.

The docks are out now at Walnut Creek but with a little skill one can still launch.

Just remember! South wind will always give a nice lake near shore for those that wish to fight those TACKLE BUSTIN STEELIES

Source: Captain Ron Rusch November 14, 2003 at 10:45:13

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