Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Limits of Steelies

The last full weekend in October continued to see great trout and salmon fishing along the near shore by Walnut Creek.

Thursday the 23rd was rough in the morning so a late day trip was made. Each pass in front of Walnut was good for a fish or two.

Friday morning was full of action right from the start. Catching six tickets was no problem.

Saturday was also a very good day. The trout are mostly hitting now. Coho always come in first with the trout following later in the season of which is now.

Sunday was the rain day. The trip began at 10:00. The kids had a great time winding in those tackle bustin steelies. One Coho made the cooler this day with the rest being steelhead.

To add to the excitement, about mid day I noticed a flare was shot in the air. A boat in the eastern cove off Walnut Creek was in trouble and the waves had been building for the last hour. (2 to 5 now) My son was closer in the other smaller whaler to respond to the need. Called Ronnie and asked him to respond as the third seen flare was in the air. My son towed in the disabled boat. The disabled boat had two motors but one tank that had taken a lot of water in the gas tank vent. Boat was just a couple wave from the shore when rescued. Total flares used five but only the last three were ever seen.

Fishing in 5 to 8 feet of water with good size west to north east wind can put a boat on shore before you know it.

Happy and Safe Fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Captain Ron Rusch October 30, 2003 at 21:20:42

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