Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Good Walleye Fishing and Fantastic Yellow Perch 09/06/03

Good Walleye Fishing and Fantastic Yellow Perch 09/06/03

The morning was clear and cool with walleye the target fish today. Started the first drift /troll right in the middle of east perch pack off Walnut Creek in 58 feet of water with a light southwest wind. Passed out the rods and wormharness to the four anglers onboard and within seconds they had fish coming in. Perch after perch were snapping up those worm harnesses. Then a nice 8 and a half pound walleye hit and battled it's way to the top. Then more perch and more walleye. Another 8 and a half pound walleye made the cooler. First drift was good for four walleye and thirty perch. The action was so busy that each angler held one rod in hand and never had time to try a second rod.

The walleye and yellow perch were taken off the bottom out to 72 feet. The day ended with 8 Walleye and 100 yellow perch kept as a good many yellow perch were thrown back to get bigger.

Sheephead and white perch numbers caught were also very high today. Worms paid the price!

Fantastic day!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Captain Ron Rusch September 06, 2003 at 22:00:38

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