Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Walleye Fishing the last week of July 2003 - GOOD!!!!!!!!

Walleye Fishing the last week of July 2003 - GOOD!!!!!!!!

Thursday's half day was the day for the big fish. Denise dropped her line and caught the first fish over 8#. This walleye came quick in 58 feet water depth west of Walnut Creek.

Second one over 8# followed shortly as Mike battled the usual head shaking diving walleye to the net.

Third over 8# also followed with one on in the background being handled by Adrian. This one was caught by Jim on a BAC Special blueberry muffin. BAC Bait Shop Route 98 and 5 carries those 814-474-3992.

Yellow perch have been in the cooler all week in big numbers. Tyler caught an angler award winner here.

Many good eaters also made the cooler held by Bart. Fish were very deep this day. As they were laid to rest in the cooler the blood just bubbled like a small leaking tire with soap on it. The bubbling made a large amount of tiny bubbles all over the bottom of the cooler. The walleye were suffering from the bends.

The near shore continues to hold walleye in the 25 to 40 foot range. Pockets of fish can be found from Walnut Creek to the Ohio line on occasion.

Mid week the weather was great and the fish continued to be found in pockets from north of Walnut Creek to the Ohio line on the 55 to 65 foot ledge of the south side of the first trench.

Lots of good eaters were caught all week.

The entire week everything was caught on worm harness as always fished as bait. Mostly fished drifting or slow drift/trolled with rod in hand. Catching the big ones is a real experience going as slow as possible.

A couple days, the catch for four anglers was six tickets. How's that? Near 3 tickets of walleye and three tickets of perch make for lots of good eating. Everyday there is at least 20 yellow perch caught on the walleye fished lines and put in the cooler.

Another day four plus tickets of walleye and two tickets of perch. The week was GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Captain Ron Rusch August 02, 2003 at 22:43:14

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