Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Walleye fishing Walnut Creek June 18 & 19, 2003

Walleye fishing Walnut Creek June 18 & 19, 2003

Day one:

Walleye fishing north of Walnut Creek has gotten to be good to excellent. I handed out two rods to each angler and the day began. First fish for this group was a medium size, but a monster walleye to them.

The group had a big fish tournament amongst themselves as I learned. The second fish, 28 3/4 took the lead. It was caught at 440 area in 60 foot water depth.

Most fish came from the bottom on worm harnesses.

The fish were tearing up the harnesses, but this one made the cooler.

The no wind situation of flat water let us keep a tight pattern of circling the hot spots as we worked west on the 54 to 60 foot shelf.

Mid day fish were found to have moved higher where a few more big fish were found.

Near day's end, Marty's rod bend over and the fight was on. The slower the boat moves forward, the greater the walleye fight is enjoyed; up and down, head twisting back and forth, in comes this huge 29 1/2" 9 pound 1 ounce walleye to take the lead of first place. This ended the first day and we had made it to 400 area.

Eight big walleye! Not even close to half of the first day's catch!

Day two:

First stop, BAC Bait Shop, Fairview, 98 and Route 5, 814-474-3992. Need harness blades - huge selection to choose from here. The morning was raining with lots of fog, but the same as the day before, the trophy was at stake.

Same start - first few fish were deep again.

Chris tied into a huge walleye. It looked like the lead was about to change hands, but the jaw is soft.

Next fish Chris is happy, but no trophy here. High fish!

The wind was starting to build from the northeast. Fishing had slowed, but the walleye continued to be caught.

Finished up in 39 feet just north of Walnut Creek with a double. Excellent two days!

The trophy was presented to the winner of the big fish to enjoy for a year. All were winners here with a great time, fun and lots of good eating.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch June 20, 2003 at 21:58:24

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