Fishing Report by Captain Ron Rusch

Walleye - Smallmouth - Perch 6/06/2003

Walleye - Smallmouth - Perch 6/06/2003

The morning was clear with light south wind. The first smallmouth came at 21 feet on the usual shiner for bait.

The second came quick and was a beefy one of 19 inches.

The near shore has seen a good many large perch in the last few days.

Smallmouth action has been slowing the past few days as the fish may be ready to spawn.
The only action has been in the 15 to 25 feet. Algae starts at 20 feet and is getting real bad in the 15 feet and less.

The light wind by late morning came to a stop and the decision to seek out a few walleye was made.

Started in 25 feet, 3 miles west of Elk creek. Had trouble keeping the lines in the water at first for the gobies, white perch and smallmouth.

Soon the first walleye made the boat on a worm harness. Then a small walleye made the boat.

Lots of junk fish! But walleye are starting to be caught from Raccoon to Walnut 25 to 35 feet. The gobies action was with us all day no mater where or how we fished. The day also ended up with a nice amount of perch caught all near shore on harnesses.

Source: Captain Ron Rusch June 06, 2003 at 22:04:41

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